Medical Insanity Has To Be Stopped!

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

As a young man, I read many books on various subjects. I had a keen interest in human health.  I read “World Without Cancer” by G. Edward Griffin, and “Fighting the Food Giants” along with plenty of other books that opened my eyes to a secret world of vast corruption.

I read about very successful treatments of cancer, by doctors using Laetrile (apricot seed oil) and other non-invasive modalities.  What I learned over the years is that the Medical Mafia attempts to destroy the reputation of every alternative health practitioner and demonizes everything that is not under their control.

The medical establishment labels anything and everything “quackery” if they do not own and control it.  Doctors of chiropractic have been marked “quacks” by organized medicine for many years, and they all know what it is to be viciously attacked.

My youngest daughter, who died at age 31, because her immune system was destroyed by the barbaric chemotherapy satanic drug system, worked for a pharmacist before working in a hospital as a registered nurse. She told me that old people would come into the pharmacy and go out with a bag full of drugs and then come back later and go out with the same medications. The medicines NEVER cured or healed any of them.

Many successful alternative health doctors over the years have been raided by marshals of the medical mafia and their lives and practices destroyed. Some have even been assassinated.

The psychopaths that control the medical system, the pharmaceutical system, the cancer system, and the vaccine industry have no conscience.

Medical psychopaths often classify alternative health practitioners that help people regain health naturally as “quacks.” The real quacks are the medical doctors who are 100% controlled by the pharmaceutical drug lords, the cancer lords, and the venomous vaccine lords.

The medical system thrives on control, lies, and the motivation for enormous profits at the expense of humanity. Health and well-being should not be the property of dictatorial “health” organizations.

Medical insanity has to be stopped!

2 thoughts on “Medical Insanity Has To Be Stopped!

  1. Hillary June 30, 2020 / 5:50 pm

    Thanks you for your article that speaks just as my mind thinks!

    It has taken many years for the penny to drop in my case as I had an inbuilt, nay was indoctrinated to believe that the allopathic medical world was completely above reproach.

    It has taken numerous misdiagnoses, many alarming doubts and now outright aversion to bring me to my senses.

    That is the power of such authority in which the medical industry operates.

    I fear that we are entering another phase of genuflection that has been abandoned among the religious faithful, now embraced by the victims of the C19 scam.

    The general population will not wake up alone without a prod, without some counter indoctrination that demonstrates the primacy of the healthy human organism.

    Like water dripping on a stone…it will come.

  2. Van Robison June 30, 2020 / 7:00 pm

    Thank you Hillary for posting your comment. At least I know that there is one person out there who sees through the fog. So much of the man-made systems that we think are “normal” are intensely driven for $profits. Fruits and vegetables are nature. Pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are human creations and they all have potential serious side-effects.


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