Mr. President: It’s Time to End the Lockdown

April 10, 2020

Dear President Trump,

It’s time to end the lockdown of our country over the coronavirus pandemic. It’s becoming more and more apparent each day that you and 330 million other Americans have been fooled by the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, and the doctors that have been advising you about Covid-19.

The pandemic is a brilliantly crafted piece of fiction that has been used by a group of magicians to scare Americans and people in other sovereign territories into believing that a killer virus is on the loose causing tremendous loss of life.

All the testing you have authorized is producing false-positive results in approximately 20-25 percent of the population. And the reason for this is because that is the same percentage of the country’s population that has encountered coronaviruses either presently or at some point in their lives.

The case numbers and deaths being reported in real-time are not reflective of COVID-19 cases, they’re a reflection of the population’s experiences with other coronaviruses (common colds).

The people dying have been plagued by other respiratory illnesses and by chance have tested positive for Covid-19 because of the test kits being flawed. The case numbers are being incorrectly input, from a statistical standpoint, into the wrong disease column. This is fraudulent medical reporting and it’s being done intentionally.

And even if you want to believe in the false narrative being fed to you by various medical authorities, the raw numbers associated with the virus pale in comparison to influenza cases we have dealt with on an annual basis for many decades.

The time has come for you to display superior leadership skills and order your medical advisors to stand down. Your country is being destroyed right in front of your eyes by a common cold virus and the only person that can stop what is happening is you, Mr. President.

The entire coronavirus scenario has been introduced to the world to sell healthcare consumers more drugs and a new vaccine.

People don’t need a coronavirus vaccine and more antiviral medicines. They are sick enough already from years of taking poisonous products manufactured by big pharma companies.

We are all counting on you, Mr. President. Please don’t let the American people down. It’s time to wrap up this farcical story and start rebuilding the country’s economy and the people’s faith in the American government.


Dr. John Reizer

6 thoughts on “Mr. President: It’s Time to End the Lockdown

  1. tiredofit April 11, 2020 / 3:33 pm

    Already this HOAX has driven people to suicide, and some are not the elderly and sick. Last week the state of Tennessee reported more suicide deaths than Covid19.People are losing homes families and everything because Trump has no balls and dont even think the pinheads of the other party have anyone better. I have voted for 50 years as well as millions of other Americans see where its gotten us?

  2. kelly April 12, 2020 / 1:19 pm

    Did you actually send this to him? He has several avenues of getting this letter you wrote and posted to your website. What do i say to the many people i have in the medical field that are dealing with this so called fake virus. Glass lung they are calling it. My brother @40 years old had it and ended up on oxygen as well as my 14 year niece, on O2 in the hospital both whom are in great health otherwise. Don’t know of any “common cold” that would do this. I do think though we should have not had a “shut down”. Didnt see this happen during polio or the measels. Make sure Trump actually sees your letter if you have the cahunas you say you do.

    • NoFakeNews April 12, 2020 / 1:57 pm

      Hello Kelly,

      I actually did send the letter to President Trump, along with another one I wrote earlier in the month that was also posted on this website.

      If you doubt that I have “the cajones” to speak my mind in public, you obviously have not been reading the articles I have written on this website for the past eight years.

      Read what I have written about the coronavirus, and signed my name and address to, and then let me know if you think I don’t have “the cajones” to go on the public record.

      Are you kidding me? Do you think I am making a dollar writing these posts? I have been putting myself in the direct line of fire of the sheeple population that likes to cowardly call me crazy or nuts. These are the same people that are scared to speak up about anything important affecting themselves or family members and then love to criticize anyone that has “the cajones” to do so.

      Do you want to know why I write these articles? Because other people don’t have the guts to do it. I have important things to say that people need to know.

      I know plenty of people in the medical field as well. I salute them for the work they do. They are dedicated individuals, and I have a lot of respect for them. But having stated that, it doesn’t mean the coronavirus pandemic is real.

      Sick people can be found in hospitals every day of the year. That’s why they call them hospitals. There are millions of people that die from respiratory and pneumonia challenges each year. Many of these cases are from fungal, bacterial, viral, and pollution challenges. These patients are routinely placed on oxygen in a hospital setting, and it doesn’t mean they have Covid-19.

      The Covid-19 test kits are unreliable and give plenty of false positives when they come in contact with many other bacteria and viruses. It’s a fact that can be validated on the CDC website. Read about it on this website that has articles that directly link to the CDC website.

      Thanks for contributing to the discussion. I value your opinion very much.

      Dr. John Reizer

      • Kelly April 12, 2020 / 4:12 pm

        Dr. Reizer,
        I truly appreciate the response! There are so many conspiracy theories out there, as you will make your head spin. I for years have chosen not to follow MSM and the status qou… thats how I found your website in the first place. I take ownership of my own health and well being and am against medications and FOR FASTING for optimal health.. I 100% believe in the “against the stream” thought process. WHAT YOU ARE SAYING MAKES SENSE TO ME! I Was seriously asking a question on how to address those close to me that have been through this so called virus and the xray tech/close friend, that is in the hospital daily dealing with this NOW. They have personal experiences with it they say it IS not the common cold. I will be watching on the front line, as my job is considered essential, whatever that means, to see how this plays out. I have been uneasy with this whole virus thing from the start and how it suddenly spread and have always had the feeling that “something was up”. I believe he needs to hear from those who feel this way, if he is actual not involved, thats why I made that statement. So much talk in this world and no action.

      • NoFakeNews April 12, 2020 / 4:35 pm

        I understand, Kelly. People are spooked and worried. Try to stay safe and hopefully, things will get better for everybody soon.

        Dr. Reizer

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