NFL Players: Respectfully Kneeling To Take A Stand

By Gina Flores

Writer for NoFakeNews

London, England – American professional footballers have been getting plenty of boos from their fans and other US citizens lately over their collective decision to publicly protest President Donald Trump’s recent comments about not standing for the country’s national anthem.

Mr. Trump used his Twitter platform this past weekend to deliver some very negative remarks against NFL players that had previously and repetitively taken a knee over the past year during national anthem ceremonies. The players have been protesting what they believe are major social/racial inequality issues that the American government refuses to address.

After the president delivered his recent remarks, players, coaches, and team owners, in a display of unity, demonstrated their full support for the other players called out by the president by also sitting, kneeling and interlocking their arms together during every contest’s national anthem ceremony this past weekend. The protests even touched UK soil as the same public display was observed at Wembley Stadium Sunday during the contest between the Ravens and Jaguars.

President Trump publicly called on all team owners and the league’s commissioner, Roger Goodell to fire players that refused to stand in the presence of the American flag during the playing of the national anthem. He later tweeted that American citizens should boycott games until the owners and commissioner fix their product so that players respected the American flag.

While many Americans believe that not standing for the anthem and flag is a sign of disrespect towards the country they love, others believe that sitting or kneeling during the national anthem is an American privilege and right. They believe all American citizens have been afforded the ability to protest anything within reason, in a peaceful manner, because of the American flag.

In my opinion, I think America is a great country and its citizens are really fortunate that they can openly protest when they believe something is unfair and justice is not being upheld for all citizens. In some other countries you would be thrown in jail or executed for doing what NFL players are doing. But that’s the unique and great thing about America, you can protest things that you disagree with. Protesting is what allows conversations to begin rolling and conversations that are rolling can potentially bring about change that would otherwise never materialize.

I believe that forcing people to stand during the American national anthem goes against everything that America represents. If you cannot protest something that you believe is fundamentally wrong and affecting so many people, then that becomes a bigger problem than what you were originally protesting, and that would also go against everything America is supposed to represent.

I can’t tell people how to think, nor should I, but I know how I feel about the current situation. Yes, people will have different points of view regarding these public displays of protest, but it’s really a beautiful thing to watch so many people talking and discussing important issues. None of these conversations would have ever materialized in the first place if a few people didn’t have the strength to kneel or sit down to ultimately take a stand.

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3 thoughts on “NFL Players: Respectfully Kneeling To Take A Stand

  1. WM Hutchinson September 26, 2017 / 3:55 pm

    Most Americans and especially those that have served in our military believe that you honor the country that gives you those rights. If you want to protest whatever it is you want to protest and you are not protesting the national anthem – then you should stand for the anthem. If the NFL want to protest against rights then let them protest those rights they think are being denied – the anthem have nothing to do with that. They have misplaced their protest onto the anthem and the flag it is under. People have died and given their blood to protect those rights and way of life – so to disrespect that is what is upsetting to most Americans who actually have a concept of what these emblems stand for and are sick and tired of celebrities and politicians telling us how it is going to be or what the new Right is and the few forcing the majority to cave to their demands or their political view. As you can see over 70% of this country is not happy with the NFL’s choice and will vote with their money to let them know how they really feel about like it or not. Then we will all see what is really important to them = is it their earning power or is it what they really believe???

    • Gina Flores September 27, 2017 / 8:30 am

      Thanks for commenting on the post. I can definitely see your point of view about this story.

      We’ll see how everything taking place shakes out in the weeks ahead.

  2. Ryan September 27, 2017 / 4:02 pm

    I think the military industrial complex that has continuously marketed its messages of “war is great” and “war brings peace” through every NFL production over the past 10 years or longer to young impressionable minds is completely disgusting.
    The oversized American flags that stretch the entire field, military personnel in full wardrobe, military aircraft flyovers, and so many other nauseating military ceremonial events that take place each weekend throughout the entire NFL season make the damn games almost unwatchable.
    All of this militarism nonsense designed specifically to make young people embrace war and killing is being mistaken for patriotism which it most certainly is not.
    Now the players are taking a knee and the warmongers are furious.
    So many people have been brainwashed by the psyops operations that have been taking place. They mistakenly believe that it’s unpatriotic to take offense to the unending wars being waged by the powers that be through the American military on foreign territories.
    The NFL has used their players and fans to advance the Deep State’s agenda and now that these protests have occurred, the billionaire owners are scared.
    The powers that be will never let the NFL or any major professional sports league perish because these entities are important in keeping the public distracted from more important things taking place in the world.

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