What Have We Learned About the Mainstream Media?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Founder of NoFakeNews

What have we learned about the mainstream media? Well, if we have been paying attention to the media coverage of the US presidential race over the past year, we have learned that the corporate owned media companies have an agenda to promote Hillary Clinton and discredit Donald Trump. We have learned that the mainstream media will never ask hard questions of Hillary Clinton concerning the crimes she committed against her country while acting as Secretary of State. We have learned that the mainstream media is anything but fair and balanced. We have learned that the mainstream media is less reliable than most tabloid publications found in the aisles at local supermarkets.

Some things in life are harder to learn than others. For most people, learning to ride a bicycle without training wheels for the very first time is probably easier than learning how to become a good listener. Becoming an accomplished pianist is probably a more difficult task to master than learning how to crochet socks.

In my opinion, one of the most difficult things for any of us to learn is how to disconnect from the ‘fake news’ companies that fill our heads with continuous misinformation. There are many Americans aware of the fact that major news companies are intentionally misleading us. They get it. They understand these corporations are trying to project a false understanding about many events occurring throughout the global landscape. Despite their awareness of this most grievous crime against the public, many people continue to watch and read the different media products controlled by the few. It’s as if the masses have become addicted to a bad drug. They know the ‘media drug’ is bad for them and they recognize the fact they’ll never truly understand what’s taking place in the world for as long as they continue to subscribe to such propaganda.

It’s time for Americans to wake up and take immediate action! Make the necessary commitment to enact certain changes in your life that will alter your reality. You must do this today, not tomorrow. To procrastinate any longer is far too dangerous. The stakes are extremely high and you cannot afford to be drugged by the mainstream media any longer.

To be misinformed and not realize the process is taking place is one thing. To be misinformed and to be cognizant that the process is an ongoing campaign designed to deceive an entire country is something completely different and should not be tolerated by educated individuals. Those of us that are aware of what our national media companies represent should not utilize their services any longer. We should disconnect from the systematic, television programming of the masses. We should disconnect from the systematic, magazine programming of the masses. We should disconnect from the systematic, radio programming of the masses. I think you get the picture.

It’s time for Americans to stop being the enabling culture we’ve become. Although it might be difficult, for some of us, to call our satellite and cable TV providers and ask them to terminate our services, it’s something that has to be done. If you really have a desire to rehab yourself out of a media induced coma, make the call today.

Will it be easy to disconnect from the national media companies? Probably not. Is it easy to stop drinking toxic, artificial sweeteners? No. But if you want to regain your health, you have to stop consuming products that are hazardous to your continued well being. This applies to all poisons, including the poisons that directly affect our minds.

The person sitting on a slightly protruding nail, on the top of a bench, can either continue to complain about the pain in his or her backside or get up from the bench and hammer the annoyance back into its proper position, permanently eliminating the irritant. It is really that simple when you stop and think about it.

One thought on “What Have We Learned About the Mainstream Media?

  1. Gina Flores October 1, 2016 / 12:38 pm

    What you have written here is so true and so important for people to understand.

    You write from your heart and your intentions are absolutely genuine as you try to teach others about what you have learned in life.

    Proud to write with you on this unique blog. 🙂

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