CNBC And Other Major Polls Show Trump Wins First Debate



One thought on “CNBC And Other Major Polls Show Trump Wins First Debate

  1. Gina Flores September 27, 2016 / 10:06 am

    I watched the first presidential debate last evening on CNN and have to say that Donald Trump performed very well against Hillary Clinton. Trump was very strong on the meat and potato issues while holding his own when Clinton continuously tried to bait the businessman into talking about frivolous subjects like President Obama’s birth certificate and Trump’s father lending him money to get his business start in life.

    As usual, CNN commentators were completely unfair and unbalanced with their reporting and bashed Trump throughout the evening prior to the start of the debate. At the debate’s conclusion CNN commentators immediately proclaimed Hillary the overwhelming winner and began to support their claims by showing polls that seemed to back up their analysis.

    This network (CNN) basically tells the American public how to think and what they should believe. Crazy!

    Many major polls show a completely different picture than what CNN claims. I have to write that I think Donald Trump won the more important issues in this debate. I also believe that none of these debates will change the perceptions of either side. People already know who they are going to vote for.

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