Clinton’s Presidential Campaign is Dying

By Truth Teller

In 75 days American voters will select the next President of The United States and it’s beginning to look like that choice will be the Republican nominee, Donald Trump and not Hillary Clinton.

There are news developments flying around both traditional and alternative news outlets everyday concerning Mrs. Clinton’s health, her apparent lack of stamina to handle the rigors of the campaign trail, her lack of visibility to the American public, her private email scandal, and her ties to the Clinton Foundation.

What I and many other citizens believe is currently happening to the Democratic nominee is that her campaign is dying.

Hillary Clinton has too many negative hurdles in front of her to win the election. Many people are beginning to finally see the writing on the wall and now understand that she is going to be unelectable this November.

The news has been really bad for Clinton. Whether it’s her involvement with the email scandal, her apparent shady dealings and ties to the Clinton Foundation or the questions about her health, she has had no choice but to run and hide from the press. She’s not been able to give a press conference in over 260 days or so. People are starting to look on the sides of milk cartons in search of the invisible Mrs. Clinton.

Even with the help of the bias mainstream media, that has covered for Clinton’s  absence from the campaign circuit time and time again, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that this is a candidate that has for all intents and purposes lost a lot of credibility with a vast majority of Americans.

In all seriousness, whether we are talking about American citizens, foreigners, or foreign governments, many people associate the words dishonest and corrupt with Mrs. Clinton. This in part is due to all the information that has been uncovered by the FBI investigation and more recently the release of thousands of emails by WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange. And now Assange promises to release additional emails which many believe will be the final deathblow to the Democratic nominee.

Clinton’s image of being dishonest and corrupt was not born overnight. There is a long and suspicious trail of debris she  has left behind, politically speaking, that many people feel uncomfortable about.

Only time will tell, but things are beginning to look very good for Donald Trump because people in the United States are just tired of the same old corrupt politicians that the Establishment continues to promote.


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