Paris Terror Attacks: Can You See the Illuminati’s Signature?

By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews

The Paris terror attacks that occurred on 11/13/15 will undoubtedly be blamed on radical extremists of the Islamic faith by the French, American and European governments heading up the investigation of these most reprehensible crimes. Don’t be fooled by the mainstream news liars and the elite owned corporations that have the means and the tools to spread government disinformation to the general public. Think radical Islam is behind these attacks? Think again!

What do these cowardly acts actually accomplish for radical Islamic groups? The answer very simply written is a war with powerful armies that they would have no chance of winning, not to mention the annihilation of their homelands. These people might as well say goodbye to Syria and northern Iraq.

What do these cowardly acts actually accomplish for the Illuminati masters that control the powerful governments aforementioned? The Paris terror attacks pave the way for a NATO led campaign in Syria and northern Iraq. This is a classic Problem-Reaction-Solution operation and a trademark signature of the Illuminati masters, the architects really pulling the strings in most major terror attacks that unfortunately occur around the world.

The Illuminati cannot seem to help themselves when designing and launching terror attacks and other nefarious missions they orchestrate in an effort to usher in their New World Order. These sick demented bastards have to encode everything they do with occult numerology. A practice that apparently is not favorably embraced in the religion of Islam.

There are very important numbers/signatures that must be attached to all Illuminati operations. It is because of this fact that any Illuminati action can be easily identified if you know what to look for. Once you understand the secret language of the elite, it’s pretty easy to see what they are up to. The Illuminati have always been quite predictable and they have no choice but to advertise every damn thing they do with symbols and numbers. It’s all a part of their sick and twisted beliefs.

If we examine the latest attacks in Paris, it’s easy to see the Illuminati’s signature with regards to numerology. Let’s begin by looking at the date of the attacks. Friday the 13th is the first glaring piece of evidence that tells us that this is an Illuminati event. Most people recognize Friday the 13th as being a day of bad luck. They will naturally think that the radical Islamic types have chosen this day to drive home the point that it was a bad day of luck for the victims in Paris. This is not why the date was chosen.

The number 13 is very important to the Illuminati for several reasons. Most important, the number 13 symbolizes the original bloodlines on this planet that controlled and managed the world’s business. 11/13/15 (11+13+15=39) is an important code and piece of evidence concerning this attack. 39 divided by 3 = 13. This is a numerology statement telling all those paying attention that the Illuminati was behind the Paris attacks of November 13.

The numbers 11, 9 and 33 are also very important to the Illuminati as we have repeatedly witnessed with regards to the terror attacks that occurred on 9-11 and 3-11 in the United States and Madrid, Spain. 9 x 11=99 which divided by three = 33 and 3 x 11=33 which are the Illuminati signatures attached to these two events. In the case of the attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, the Twin Towers represented a giant number 11. There was also a flight 11 involved and the day of the event was on the eleventh of September. Add them up and you have the number 33.  The Twin Pillars of Jachim and Boaz, are the primordial symbols of Freemasonry. Many researchers believe this might be the source of Illuminati fascination with the number 11. 

There is another important event that is tied to the Paris attacks of November 13, 2015. On this date the motion picture, “The 33” was released in the United States and Canada by Warner Bros. While most people will not see the link between the motion picture and the Paris attacks, the connection is as clear as can be for people that understand the Illuminati language. The movie has been encoded with the numerology deemed necessary by the Illuminati and it will be embraced by many unsuspecting moviegoers which ultimately gives the powers that be the vibrational energy they vehemently crave and need  from the public with regards to the Paris attacks.

The Paris attacks were carried out by the Illuminati to advance the New World Order. They were carried out to help remove any resistance from citizens in respective countries concerning a NATO led mission into Syria and Iraq. They were carried out by the Illuminati and made to look like they were the brainchild of radical Islamic types. They were carried out with the intention and hope of being embraced, albeit unknowingly, by citizens in the United States and other parts of the world through the modality of a major motion picture.

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