EMP Attacks — More Science Fiction Nonsense from the Controlling Powers

Dr. John Reizer

How long have we been reading and hearing about the potential dangers coming from EMPs? Solar flares and terror attacks are going to wipe out the power grids. (YAWN)

EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) threats have put fear into many preppers over the years. Allegedly, a solar flare from our sun or a pulse weapon from a foreign country could render all of our electronic devices useless.

Relax! It’s not going to happen. First of all, even if such technology existed and was readily available for use by various countries, it would never be used.

Do you think the surveillance capabilities and covert control the powers that be have over the masses could have been accomplished without sophisticated electronics and a society dependent on an electrical grid? I don’t!

All the talk about EMPs and solar flares is more fear-mongering courtesy of the same psychopaths that have scared society with the threats of fake infectious diseases and fake nuclear weapons. It is all pure nonsense.

The worst thing the one percenters could ever imagine happening is the power grids failing. If the power grids went down for any length of time, all the controlling powers’ technological advantages over humanity would be gone.

The few who control the many do so by instilling fear in the members of society. Most of their claims about having access to weapons of mass destruction are predicated on lies and stretching the truth.


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