I’m starting to get the picture

By Ashley Hayes

Several months ago, Dr. Reizer posted an article titled, “Tell-A-Vision,” wherein he described his going into a restaurant, attempting to enjoy a meal while being surrounded, on all sides, by mind-control apparatuses aka televisions — and, of course, their advertising. I think we can all relate to that.

It is becoming the exception rather than the rule to not have a screen staring at you when you go out to eat. Having studied advertising, technology, and media manipulation for over two decades, I can tell you there are multiple reasons for that relatively new reality:

First, of course, is the advertising. More eyeballs means more money;

Second, when you’re looking up at the screens, you make it easier for the cameras that are also typically present to perform the facial recognition to which you didn’t consent;

Third, as with smartphones, the distractions of the TV(s) intentionally inhibit your personal connection and full engagement with the other person, or people, you might be with.

Fourth, the intentional disruption it causes keeps you from fully relaxing. Keeping society on-edge is part of the Master Plan. And, having multiple screens blasting multiple images at you will keep you from being able to actually relax while enjoying your meal;

Fifth, we are being conditioned. We are being continually, incrementally conditioned to accept more and more disruption, and surveillance, in our lives. The Tom Cruise movie, “Minority Report,” gives us a glimpse of this type of disruption being implemented, with screens — and (eye/face/body/biometric) scanners, all around us.

Sixth, data collection is, and forever more will be, occurring: which TV engaged you more; what commercials made you stop chewing; what you ordered, what drink/brand you ordered, etc. This is all captured, but not only by the cameras, but by the TV’s themselves.

Several years ago, I discovered a report about ESPN (the story now appears to have been censored) wherein the host (in the studio), was watching a family  (in their living room) watch their son play basketball in a televised game.  It showed a clear picture of this family (who was in another country, but that part is irrelevant) sitting in their living room, and the host (whose name I don’t recall since I don’t watch that channel) remarking on how amazing the technology was.  Well, it’s not just ESPN who can do that.  ANY digital screen can do that.  In a restaurant, or at your home — whether the TV is on or off.  On or off.  (Your phone, incidentally, per Edward Snowden, can also record you, even when it’s off.  And your camera can be remotely turned on, without the light coming on.)

We weren’t forced to throw out our old — but perfectly good — TV’s years ago just so they could sell us new TV’s.  No, any big changes/schemes include “their” ability to make money from every possible angle.  And the most money comes from your data.

Manipulating your mind, mood and behavior, while concurrently collecting your data, is the name of the game.

Now go enjoy a good book.😊


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