A Deceived Mind is a Closed Mind

By Van Robison

Guest Contributor

It is next to impossible to re-educate a human mind that has been brainwashed with untrue and false knowledge. A mind is indeed a fantastic machine. Humans the world over and without knowing it, have been programmed to believe lies and propaganda. No child on Earth is responsible for how their minds and thinking have been formed by their parents, guardians, schools, and cultural environment.

So let us face it, if your parents were Mormons, you have been programmed to believe in Mormonism. If your parents were Southern Baptist, you were schooled to think precisely as a Southern Baptist believes. Ditto Pentecostal, Methodist, Roman Catholic, and it matters not what the religious flavor is, you are a clone by indoctrination.

Truth is that had any Christian been born into another religious culture, they would not be Christian and vice-versa. It is not a matter of choice, but rather the circumstance of birth. It is a strange world, indeed.