The Power of Crystals and Scalar Waves

By Lisa Hakes

Contrary to seemingly prevalent beliefs in the inherent goodness of scalar, scalar fields aren’t good or bad. Their healing and constructive effect, or destructive effects, depends on how they are produced, exactly what information is being carried by the scalar component, and the coherent or incoherent field that can be used for either harmonizing or destructive purposes.” – Blushield

I found the following interesting article about scalar waves that I wanted to share.  Because although scalar waves can be used against us for mind control or worse, they can also be used for healing. And a unique way that the scalar waves can be created is with the use of crystals and gemstones.

Scalar Waves and Crystals

Quantum Resonance Energetic Systems:

“Since man has been able to dig up rocks, he has marveled at the beauty and clarity of certain types of rocks like gemstones. These shiny rocks have captivated man’s desires while he busily digs deeper or artificially creates the penultimate gemstone. There is, however, another side to gemstones which goes unseen by most, and that is the multidimensional nature of crystals and gemstones.

Crystals have a special ability to hold, transmute, and absorb energy.  Not only can they work with energy in these unique ways, but they can develop scalar energy or be used for precise measurement of time. In this article, we will be focusing on the scalar energy side of crystals.”

Read the full article here!

I have always treasured crystals and gemstones. So much so that I named my daughter Krystal. And I have a collection of crystals that keeps growing. 

And I have slept on an infrared amethyst mat for nearly ten years. Also, I have a blanket containing fiber-filled tourmaline. 

In addition, I have a lot of jewelry made from crystals. Not to mention copper-coiled orgone pyramids filled with crystals, geodes, and more. 

And I delight in my singing bowls made from quartz crystal. I find their vibrations to be soothing and uplifting!

But my favorite gemstones are the ever-popular quartz and amethyst. Also, tourmaline is known for its protective properties. Although I love most all of these beautiful gems! 

It has also been suggested that crystals and gemstones can protect you from EMF (electromagnetic frequencies.) And I am inclined to believe it. When my husband was hit with Directed Energy Weapons that led to him being in the hospital on a ventilator a couple of years ago, any mild symptoms I endured dissipated after a good night’s sleep on my mat.

However, the information provided in this scalar wave article takes the power of crystals to another level. Crystals can produce scalar waves. And your intentions can be transmitted into energy through them. This knowledge helps me to understand how the controlling powers might be able to use scalar waves as a form of mind control. 

“They (scalar waves) propagate longitudinally; therefore, they could reach a target’s neurological system, from a satellite (via a supercomputer). Activation of an organism’s neurological system requires transmission of both data and energy. Electromagnetic waves can only carry data, not energy, therefore are unlikely to cause the action potential of neurons.” — Source

And again, scalar waves are neither good nor bad. It is what is programmed into them that manifests what happens.

And all this information makes me wonder now, can crystals also be used to protect against EMF or the destructive type of scalar waves? Fight fire with fire! I can only speculate. I really have no idea if this is possible or actually true.

But crystals and gemstones are a part of the earth. And some scientists argue that walking barefoot and being grounded with the earth has mental and physical health benefits. And just being in nature in general. So why not these natural pretty gems? Why might they not be more powerful than what we imagined? And if Atlantis was real, it is theorized that crystals were their power source and the earth’s energy and sun.

And in the present day, quartz crystals can operate our watches!

Quartz watches get their name from the tiny quartz crystal in their timekeeping mechanism. A battery acts as the power source for Quartz watches, as it sends an electrical current through the quartz crystal, which causes it to vibrate at an extremely high frequency. To be precise, the quartz vibrates at exactly 32,768 times per second. The vibrations are then processed by a circuit board, which regulates them at one electric pulse per second. These pulses are then used to drive a small motor, which turns the gears in the mechanism to rotate the hands of the watch face.

Although this process sounds complicated, it uses very little electricity, so the battery can last anywhere from three years to a decade before it needs replacing.

Mechanical watches represent a much higher level of craftsmanship, containing a complex mechanism of gears and springs, all working in harmony to turn the hands of the face. This mechanical movement is driven by a small spring that’s tightly wound by either manual or automatic winding.”Source

To conclude, I believe the overall magic of crystals to be fascinating!  I recently attended a Rock, Mineral, Gem & Earth Science Show in my area, which enticed me to bring home a few more magnificent gems. One quartz crystal weighs about 5 pounds. And costing a pretty penny!

Although the weight of carrying those precious rocks around for a significant period in my bag had later caused some strained, sore muscles! 😂 

However, my muscles have been improving daily, and I think I’ll fully recover! So, to me, it was worth it! 🙂


Lisa Hakes is the author of Subtle Sabotage — a candid portrait of alcoholism and autism for readers who appreciate down-to-earth authors who aren’t afraid to tell the whole story.



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