Keeping us Inside the Box

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

Did you ever happen to notice how major news networks treat subjects and story lines that tug and pull us away from our carefully manufactured understanding of the way things are supposed to work in the world? For example, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of UFO sightings every year. Despite all the reports of paranormal activities, the traditional media companies, writers and news people turn a blind eye or a deaf ear, in a lot of situations, to very credible witnesses. Can so many people in the world be wrong about aliens, UFOs and other strange happenings?

When the occasional story, challenging conventional mindset, makes its way on the evening news, it often seems as if the anchor person, delivering the day’s propaganda, feels obligated to apologize to viewers for broaching such subject matter. Or, even worse, some news people feel inclined to joke about the witnesses attached to a particular story, making them seem as if they’re all lunatics on leave from a local mental asylum.

On almost every television documentary I’ve ever watched, that attempted to seriously examine paranormal activities, there’s always some authority figure (skeptic) afforded an opportunity to get the last words on the topic. This individual, without exception, is the proverbial bull that’s about to enter a china shop. The china shop, of course, being the carefully constructed theories of reputable scientists and the commentary of selected eyewitnesses offering their understanding of said paranormal activities being scrutinized.

There’s a common pattern that can be easily identified in many of these documentaries. In the first 45 minutes of the program, viewers are encouraged to believe that the paranormal subject under consideration is plausible.  As the show progresses, pieces of evidence are reviewed and experts interviewed. One by one, scientists promote the idea that the paranormal event is under serious review. It’s all a cleverly plotted script. It’s also a psychological roller coaster, designed to build up the hype before the bull enters the china shop.

It’s the final 15 minutes of the presentation that is really important. In those 15 minutes, the skeptic methodically crushes everything that was presented in the beginning of the film. The skeptic, the paid shill, neatly pulls the entire viewing audience back to terra firma. At last, conventionality is restored and the documentary’s real objective is achieved. That objective, of course, is to maintain conventional thinking standards in the minds of all members of the viewing audience.

The purpose of the History Channel is not to teach history. Its agenda is to teach members of society the false history the powers that be have authorized. The tremendous influence of media products is often underestimated by individual citizens. When we watch television or read magazines, people are often unaware of the hypnotic effects these products can induce in our minds. We assume, incorrectly, that everything being broadcast on television is truthful information. You know the saying, “If it’s on television, it’s got to be true.” In reality, it’s most likely not true. Television programs are paid for by corporate sponsors and those companies have agendas. Some of them have dangerous agendas that affect our understanding of many important issues.

The producers of the mainstream media circus want us to believe that everything happening in the world does so in a conventional manner. They want to keep us inside the box. According to the corporate controlled media, everything is portrayed as being black and white with no shades of paranormal activity. Unfortunately, our poor understanding of what’s occurring in the world is a far cry from what is actually taking place on a daily basis.

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