The controlling powers want you to be afraid of nuclear weapons and believe they are real!

Dr. John. Reizer

The controlling powers want people to believe nuclear weapons are real. The nuclear weapons narrative is predicated on lies and deception. I believe that more and more people have figured out that the psyop is one of many ongoing technological hoaxes.

Check out the article below that discusses a mysterious mushroom cloud in the Las Vegas sky. This type of article is placed in the news to maintain the nuclear weapons narrative’s credibility in the eyes of the public.

The article’s purpose was to convince people that thousands of nuclear explosions were detonated over the years and people saw the mushroom clouds.

What people likely remember seeing in the Vegas skies in the 50s were conventional explosions that created mushroom clouds. The government wanted to make the public believe in the new technology.

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Truth be told, huge explosions coming from massive amounts of TNT or chemicals can and do cause the same characteristic mushroom cloud appearances solely associated with nonexistent nuclear bombs.

“Contrary to a common misconception, the shape of the mushroom cloud does not depend on the nuclear or thermonuclear component; as you note, a massive detonation of chemical explosives would produce the same effect. “A mushroom cloud forms when an explosion creates a very hot bubble of gas. Oct 21, 1999— Scientific American

According to the article, The US tested over a thousand nuclear devices at its Nevada Test Site, 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas, over four decades. The infamous mushroom clouds were easily visible and became a tourist attraction for the city.”

Let’s think about what was written in the previous paragraph using a little common sense.

Do you mean to tell me that 1,000 nuclear detonations that featured visible mushroom clouds from Las Vegas occurred over four decades and people can live in the same area today without radiation consequences? How is that even possible?

There are too many dollars to count and too many other factors to comprehend to be able to fully appreciate how much is at stake for the powers that be when we discuss the subject of nuclear weapons.

Like the fake space program, billions upon billions of dollars are earmarked every year for nuclear weapons technology. This is a technology that does not exist.

Most people will laugh at what I have written, but many of the people laughing also wore masks for two years and got triple-vaxxed.


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