Certain Death For You!

Dr. John Reizer

Knowledgeable health care professionals warned people that the COVID-19 narrative was a preplanned hoax written, produced, and directed by a secret world government.

I began writing the words global vaccine genocide early on in the pandemic psyop and published that content on NoFakeNews.

A world government continues to operate secretly, behind the scenes, influencing all sovereign governments while remaining hidden and in the shadows.

Everything to do with COVID-19 has been predicated on a global psyop designed to do one thing — convince the world that a deadly virus is airborne and a threat to humanity.

There is no virus, and there is no infectious disease emergency!

The mRNA vaccines were designed in advance of the psyop. The products have sickened, sterilized, and murdered billions of innocent people.

The rollout of the deadly vaccines will continue indefinitely under the guise of an ongoing global pandemic where emergency use authorizationsions will remain in effect so that the “experimental medicines” can legally be administered, and the vaccine makers and medical professionals can be held harmless from a legal standpoint.

We know the identity of the front people responsible for promoting and running the vaccine genocide. We know that mainstream media companies, public servants, the medical profession, and big pharma corporations are complicit partners in these crimes against humanity.

We will never know who or what is behind the genocidal plot because the real architects of the eugenics program always remain hidden and out of sight.

The mRNA Vaccine Genocide 2021-2022

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