Here come the fake monkeypox case numbers!

Dr. John Reizer

According to a story out of North Carolina, the monkeypox false flag is getting ready to go full speed ahead. To accomplish that goal, massive numbers of diagnosed, confirmed cases must be established. I guarantee you, that the case numbers will appear out of thin air similar to that of the COVID fabrications which materialized two-plus years ago and counting.


BURLINGTON – North Carolina-based Labcorp is responding to the growing number of monkeypox cases by launching a test to detect the virus. Read more here!


I have written about the monkeypox baloney before on NoFakeNews. The monkeypox narrative is another false flag. The science-fiction scenarios featuring deadly infectious diseases running loose in the environment work well with getting people to become vaccine compliant.

The psychopaths in control of the world’s health regulatory agencies are at it again — manufacturing a fake global health crisis for the sole purpose of conning people into receiving deadly vaccines.

“Confirmation of monkeypox virus infection is based on “nucleic acid amplification testing (NAAT), using real-time or conventional polymerase chain reaction (PCR), for detection of unique sequences of viral DNA,”

The inventor of PCR technology, the late Dr. Kary Mullis, went on the record and stated that his invention should never be used in clinical settings to diagnose the presence of pathogens in animals or humans.

According to its creator, PCR testing can make anything seem like it is present in people when it is used as a clinical diagnostic tool. In other words, it is capable of yielding an unlimited number of false-positive results if the people administering and developing the tests desire that outcome.

The powers that be desire an outcome in 2022 that makes it look like monkeypox is a credible threat to human beings. The case numbers, therefore, are about to explode onto the scene.


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