Covid-19 Psyop Narrative Changing?

By Dr. John Reizer

Are you ready for the next stage of the psyop that is COVID-19? Are you sitting, hunkered down in your CDC approved quarantine facility? Here comes the latest disinformation being written and distributed to the masses by the US mainstream media; the coronavirus may have accidentally escaped from a Chinese laboratory.

According to a Fox News story, sources are reporting that the coronavirus could have escaped from a lab in China.

First of all, what sources magically appeared out of nowhere to claim this is the case? All of a sudden, we have magical sources that know the novel coronavirus causing the world pandemic escaped from a secret lab? Really?

The new narrative feels like a James Bond movie. Maybe we could call it, “A Means to an End” or perhaps “The China Connection.” My personal favorite would be, “Liar, Liar Pants on Fire.”

So, now we’re supposed to believe that the killer coronavirus (common cold) was accidentally released from a China lab facility? Somebody forgot to shut the backdoor?

I know everything is supposedly manufactured in China, but I don’t think Covid-19 was brought to life in a Chinese lab. It’s more likely that the fake viral pandemic was written into a script by gifted writers working for the United Nations.

Keep in mind, readers, this is a virus that has had its case numbers fraudulently padded by the WHO, CDC, and other agencies responsible for keeping track of statistics.

So, now the psyop writers are switching gears, trying to convince everybody that the fakery taking place (Event 202), as well as the simulated exercise rehearsed in October 2019 (Event 201), are connected to a runaway laboratory virus?

The disinformation attached to this storyline is highly imaginative, with plenty of twists and turns along the way. It’s a hell of a page-turner. I am going to give the creative work three stars for originality, four stars for believability, and five stars for the delivery of the performance by the magicians in charge.

I think the Covid-19 script has great potential for cinematic development, too. Oh, I forgot, the powers that be have already made this script into a long-running television series. And citizens around the world have been held captive watching the production for months.