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Write for NoFakeNews


By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews

I would like to take this opportunity to invite readers to be contributors to the NoFakeNews website. If you have ever considered writing an article for us or another publication, here’s your chance.

Make sure the work you submit is yours and that you have proper permission to submit it for publication. All original articles submitted will be considered for publication under a creative commons license. This means whatever we publish on NoFakeNews will be free for others to publish on their websites as long as proper credit and or attribution is given to the original author(s). This policy allows us to help inform as many people as possible about topics taking place worldwide.

Unfortunately, we don’t pay royalties or commissions for works accepted and published. Nobody working on this website has ever been compensated or made any money. We’re all about spreading the truth to anyone willing to listen and we’re definitely not concerned about making money on this venue.

In order to submit an article to NoFakeNews please visit the menu bar on the website and select the tab “SUBMIT ARTICLE FOR PUBLICATION” and follow the easy instructions.