Covid-19 Lockdown Orders: Let the Dominoes Begin to Fall

By Dr. John Reizer

According to the California Globe, Atwater, California has declared itself a ‘sanctuary city’ and has become a beacon of hope for citizens residing in other municipalities in these United States of America. Finally, a city council has grown a pair and has defied its insane governor’s lockdown orders.

The City Council passed the sanctuary city declaration on Friday, May 15, 2020, paving the way for the community’s businesses to be able to reopen their doors.

California Governor Gavin Newsome had previously stated that California would not be returning to normal until a vaccine was ready to be administered for all citizens. The governor’s draconian powerplay has been challenged by the township of Atwater’s City Council members under the municipality’s commitment to fundamental constitutional rights.

Sure, there will be strategic attacks launched at the California city by mainstream media companies and California state officials, working for the powers that be. Sometimes you have to stand tall and hold your ground. Let the bullies throw their best punches. In the end, they cannot stop a community that is operating on the right side of the US Constitution.

Every city township in the United States should copy and paste together the same declaration document and proceed to declare itself a ‘sanctuary city’ and stop the ridiculousness that has been taking place for months.

Town mayors and city council people serving different US communities, please wake up and start leading by example. Your citizens need you to do what the Constitution of The United States allows you to do: Defy unconstitutional statewide orders to close all businesses.

If every city in the country followed the actions of Atwater, California, this entire psyop would have one foot in the grave with the other one following close behind.

We, the people, have a heck of a lot more power than those running the show once we decide to exercise our constitutionally protected rights. But if we sit on our backsides with facemasks covering our mouths, we’re going to be in lockdown scenarios every time the new world government decides to instruct its managers to hand down additional false flag events. And you can count on more of these fake viral pandemics taking place in the months and years ahead.

Wake up, everybody! Atwater can be the first of many dominoes to fall. The coronavirus is not real, but the fakery is, and so are the threats to our constitutionally protected civil liberties. Let’s stop the madness right now.