A Targeted Victim’s Plea for Help

Dear Dr. Reizer,

Thanks for all you do.

A while back, you published an article of mine on car hacking:

Various sites are now claiming they believe both Jackie Walorsky’s and Anne Heche’s cars were hacked (and it is entirely possible that they were, perhaps probable given their involvement in exposing child trafficking.  Perhaps as tragedies like this come to light, it will begin to wake people up to what can happen when invisible, remote-access technogy is in the hands of bad actors.

While my previous article illustrates the very obvious conspiracy/joint effort/teamwork involved in my car hacking,  — with the violent hacking of my car happening as I tried to exit one city and then was “hit,” losing control of my acceleration, my lights, my a/c, my windows and door locks -at EVERY state line from NC to MA, EXACTLY at the line, both up the coast and back down,  — it still may be easy for others to dismiss as just an “annoyance.”  But it is much more than that.

This is nothing short of domestic terrorism.

But it does not just happen when my child and I are traveling out of state, it happens in my daily life, to and from work, to and from the grocery store, to and from the library….

And it happens in EVERY state I am in, particularly violently in SC, NC, VA and DE (Rehoboth Beach, especially).

It is violent and it happens to my child and me daily, multiple times daily. (They even often remotely turn our exterior lights off at night, and keep my turn signals from working –proven when I was pulled over one night, a little over a month ago for not using my turn signal, even though it briefly came on inside (as I had turned it on). When the (uninvolved) cop came to my window, he was able to see my darkened dashboard, and even watch it come back on. He then just said to get it checked out (which I have done, multiple times, in more than one state).

The daily car hacking can be likened to a bully poking you, over and over again, while your hands are tied. Or tripping you, with a string you can’t see, repeatedly, as you walk.

It is extraordinarily cowardly and sadistic. And it is just one of the many invisible crimes occurring in plain sight, sadly at the hands of those sworn to protect us via the many secretive fusion centers, filled with not just law “enforcement,” but wealthy, private citizens, and fellow freemasons and/or their proxies, with access to this technology.

I need an attorney, and have needed someone to come to the defense of my child and me for a long time. Yet, again, with their ability to track my/your/everyone’s every move, they are able to use their connections, abuse their power, and keep anyone from stepping up.

I know this is a bit atypical, but if you would post my story (this brief part of it, anyway), my hope is that perhaps one (or some) of your readers will share it, or will reach out to someone who fights for the civil (and human!) rights of women and children.

(See also, https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/innovations/wp/2017/03/08/what-we-know-about-car-hacking-the-cia-and-those-wikileaks-claims/)



Ashley Hayes


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