David Icke — Say Goodbye to What’s Left of Freedom!

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2 thoughts on “David Icke — Say Goodbye to What’s Left of Freedom!

  1. lhakes12 May 18, 2023 / 9:03 pm

    John, it doesn’t matter what part of the world these tyrants come from or how they come into power, it is all a well organized sham and charade.
    They all lie! 🤥


    Cuz Jeff
    4 days ago

    “So many Protocols, doctrines, Manifestos And agendas in one picture 🥴

    This is what you are
    if you still vote.

    Popularity contest for self Sabotage

    They Divide you
    By focusing on all kinds of symptoms of the problem
    But never reveal the Problems

    They distract you from the problem
    So they can continue to perpetuate the problem
    By creating more symptoms of the problem

    This is how they conquer we the people
    By taking the United out of the United States

    The abuses of Government authority over reach is the Problem

    The illusion of a two part system, to hide the actions of the state and to perpetuate our division as dual oppositional parties and all of its issues of engineered social conflicts in one, are symptoms of that problem

    We perpetuate these symptoms by supporting them like a professional sports team
    Because the puppets lie to us
    And make empty promises that provoke our emotions
    Based on our individual segregation and personal ideological values

    Elections are astrological rituals
    2-4 year band aids to cover up the wound
    And keep bleeding in other ways so we keep ignoring the problem

    Yet we the people believe in our right and civic duty to vote

    But little do we realize that all were doing is giving our consent to our chosen overlords
    Already premeditated for us to follow an ACT
    As We React
    Because we are indentured servants of the state
    And our federally approved puppets only represent the system of archons posing as public servants

    The illusion of choice
    Is what we have
    Evil or the lesser evil

    Because the people who DO control corporation
    Have long been destroying the people
    And our rights of natural law
    Through these Dual oppositional mind contro psychological warfare fed Illusions of reality

    The most beautiful lie
    Is the one that Deceives both sides engaged in civil war
    And sacrifices both sides of the war to the lie

    So that the puppet masters of central intelligence
    Run away with all the power, influence And money

    The system is rigged
    So that dual citizen foreign international agents And actors can weaponize the very idea of freedom against We the people

    This delusional false belief
    Continues the vicious circle of Mass mind hypnosis
    And our constant desperation for change
    Which is always scripted into many outcomes
    Based on the manipulation of astro physics

    Nothing changes or ever gets done
    Nothing changes or ever gets done”

    • NoFakeNews May 18, 2023 / 9:06 pm

      You hit the nail on the head, Lisa! They all lie! 👍

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