A Covicide is in progress!

Covicide – The mass murder of people by governments through the use of bioweapons/vaccines publicly reported to mitigate a fake coronavirus.

–Dr. Reizer

A covicide is in progress and has been taking place worldwide since 2020.

Most governments have conspired with a hidden but very proactive world government to drastically reduce the human population through a diabolical plot.

Under the guise of battling a fake (nonexistent) coronavirus named sars-cov-2, the governments of every country in the world have attempted to convince citizens that they were in imminent danger from a virus that has never been isolated or found to exist by any independent scientists.

Government officials worldwide created the false virus narrative to convince people to voluntarily take specially prepared medicines that cause many health complications.

The bioweapon vaccines are designed to sterilize and murder human beings over time. The products have been proven to cause blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, cancers, autoimmune disorders, and sterility.

In my opinion, any official narratives describing Covid-19 as anything other than a covicide should be dismissed as lies.

I also believe that all mRNA vaccination recommendations coming from health regulatory agencies worldwide should be ignored by citizens.




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