The Truth About the World Pandemic

Dr. John Reizer

If you are looking for a concise explanation of everything that has transpired regarding the world pandemic and COVID-19 in the past two-plus years, you’re in luck! I’ve written a new book.

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Most people don’t have the time to read through pages of research documents or visit websites that spell out all kinds of ideas about what’s been happening in our crazy world.

I have been working on a new book since the beginning of 2022 (under 70 pages in length) that has no fluff but plenty of detailed information that I authored about COVID-19. If you want to know the pertinent things that have taken place based on my analysis of the world pandemic in less than one hour, download and read my new book.

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2 thoughts on “The Truth About the World Pandemic

  1. lhakes12 May 17, 2022 / 10:15 pm

    John, an extremely well executed documetation of the world events today!
    But yes, getting a sheeple to even look at a couple of pages would be a miracle. And if they did, it wouldn’t compute anyway.
    However, I believe that there a quite a number of people on the fence. There are some people who can grasp a part of this, but maybe not all of it. Those are the most hopeful in being further successfully awakened.
    Then we have our own like minded camaraderies. And we need to read one another’s materials of truth for our own validation of thoughts and opinions. Plus, we need each other to keep from going insane!
    My cuz Jeff had two good posts for this subject matter. But I couldn’t make up my mind which, so I put both.


    PArry Masons (cuz Jeff)
    5 hrs ago Facebook

    “Here”s the truth

    Many of your loved ones would still be alive
    Many of you would have avoided sickness and injury
    No one would have lost their jobs or their small business
    The music scene would still be going strong
    Without losing so many musicians and venues
    That we did
    There would be no shortages
    There would be no bullshit in Ukraine
    There would never have been any lockdowns
    And the people of the United States would be the wide fuck awake
    If you just learned to listen
    Discern and observe information without reacting
    Or displaying your ignorance

    If you would have just woke up and
    Acted like a mature adult
    Instead of a condescending judgemental know it all

    We would never have to say
    We told you so
    As many times as we did

    But did you people listen?”


    You reap what you sow?

    And, PArry Masons (cuz Jeff)
    20 hrs ago Facebook

    “Imagine if you can
    The most Technological
    Sci Fi esque possibly reality
    Your mind can dream up

    You still cannot fathom exactly
    How advanced ancient civilizations
    Might have been
    In comparison to our reality now

    Hollywood doesn’t even touch it
    Forget all the stone age bullshit

    If you can understand first
    This expansive idea
    Then you get a more accurate
    Idea of what our true history really was like
    And how much has been hidden And suppressed from us in this shadow reality we all live

    History is like an excuse for not telling the truth
    And hiding these things from us
    As to dumb down entire generations
    So they never question true reality beyond the veil of

    We already have space ‘age’ technology
    But they don’t use it much for outer space
    As weaponizing everything here
    In our reality and in our minds

    Know that they already have advanced technology
    So far beyond our perception
    That an alien invasion would be too easy

    This technology goes beyond our soul
    It’s fucking scary what they capable of

    And we are so fucking dumbed down by comparison
    We ‘re already living in the stone ages
    Compared to what they have

    So unlearn the basic and primitive narrative of live you believe we live in

    The wizard of oz is more real than anyone can believe

    Think about how long they’ve been doing this
    And perfecting hidden technology

    How long has Artificial intelligence
    Been running this world?
    How many great resets have already been done?

    If history is written by its conquerers
    How often do authors have to end the world?
    To rewrite it and keep playing god with nature?

    Always deep I read
    And treading deeper”

    (So people read Dr. John Reizer’s “The Truth About The World Pandemic”)

    • NoFakeNews May 17, 2022 / 10:46 pm

      Thanks, Lisa! I appreciate your feedback and for sharing Jeff’s writings. Once again, he’s spot on. The history of the world we have been taught is baloney. But then again so are most of the things we have been spoon-fed in our lives.


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