The Sentinel: US unveils new nuclear-armed ICBM (Yawn!)

Dr. John Reizer

LGM-35A Sentinel will replace the long-serving Minuteman III and breaks a hiatus in US nuclear capability development. Read more.

The nuclear weapons lie will continue to be told by all the participating liars for as long as the baloney can be thrown around.

The fabrications are so predictable it’s ridiculous. Country A is going to move its fake nuclear weapons to this border, and country B is going to retaliate by making a new fake nuclear weapon that can destroy the Earth ten times over.

If there were real nukes in existence that could do the damage reported by the lying players, none of us would be here. We all would have been vaporized a long time ago.

What in the world are they doing with hundreds of billions of dollars earmarked for a nonexistent technology?

In the middle of February of this year, people were running to buy iodine tablets and ordering underground bomb shelters. According to the mainstream lying media presstitutes, nuclear war was imminent.

Stop worrying about fake news. And stop worrying about fake technology that has never existed in the first place.

Concentrate on the dangerous technologies the psychopaths have perfected!

A Brief Review

They Can’t Do This!
They Can Do This!
They Can’t Do This!
They Can Do This — Direct Energy Weapons!


Coming in 2023!

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3 thoughts on “The Sentinel: US unveils new nuclear-armed ICBM (Yawn!)

  1. Lisa April 10, 2022 / 11:45 am

    PArry Masons (cuz Jeff)
    1 day ago Facebook

    “The idea of war in Ukraine is a joke to me
    In my humble opinion
    And even more ridiculous that so many believe
    in it
    I believe it’s mostly staged and psyops forms of
    Distracting us from other problems that are
    more important and relevant to these past few
    years of other deceptions
    And a desperate way to seek
    ‘Sympathy For the Devil’…

    Here’s my argument

    Because real modern military warfare is a thing
    of the past
    We live in the electro Magnetic era
    The battle space is Cyberspace (space force
    And every where under the smart grid electric
    The line between combatant (them)
    and non combatant
    (Which is us)
    Has been erased

    What started as the star program under
    Is what has continued as this new space fence
    Of the electromagnetic grid
    The smart grid

    Armaments for

    The people who actually know about this stuff
    Who warn the public
    Are scared to the death
    Because they’ve signed confidentially
    agreements and receive death threats if they
    So it’s up to us
    The citizenry to disclose this information

    Despite the risk of being called conspiracy
    theorists by uniformed superficial fools
    With the expansion of the military Battle space
    And the redefinition of warfare as
    Osemetric warfare
    With non lethal electromagnet biochemical
    It should come as no surprise that the military
    outlook on combatant populations should
    Change as well

    In this oft quoted public law
    We find the gaping loophole through with
    broad experimentation by chemical agents on
    broad civilian population has been driven

    These are the exceptions to what is prohibited

    Any purpose that is directly related to
    protection against toxic chemicals or
    biochemical weapons and agents
    Any peaceful purpose that is related to
    Medical, therapeutic, pharmaceutical,
    agricultural, industrial or research activity

    So let us protected ourselves
    And expose it

    The High Frequency Auroral Active Research
    Started as Research
    But not for peaceful purposes

    Chemtrails being a part of this global
    Despite the suffering of citizens
    The breathing in of conductive metals and
    The soaring increase of respiratory ailments
    and asthma
    The alkalinizing of the soul
    The acidifying of the oceans
    The perpetual ritual obscuring of the sun

    And yet the media tell you

    Don’t exist

    Contrails of water
    Don’t last for hours on end and Spawn more
    clouds merging across the sky


    When I was a kid
    There was no such thing as
    Clouds classified are
    Sirius contralis
    They are laughing at you people who can’t think
    for yourselves

    The military has lusted after weather control
    since long before the European wars

    Indeed weather has defeated many a battle

    From project storm theory to operation Popeye
    in Vietnam
    The US military has diligently pursued cloud
    seeding and chemical cauldrons
    In which to engineer rain, wind and drought
    For warfare.purposes

    It’s incredibly difficult to speak to PHDs
    Because they are conditioned in such a way
    It takes a Strong minded strong willed person
    To break out of that conditioning

    Universities produce ideologies and people
    Both of which are needed to maintain and
    Degrade the status quo in society
    University faculty are hired to produce the
    ideology and people
    They call that work
    Research and Teaching

    The corporations need ideologies
    That treat their power as legitimate
    And they need educated obedient for future

    It takes a very strong individual to really leave
    that conditioning and indoctrination behind
    And really examine the evidence

    For more on this topic
    Elana Freeland ”

    I knew for some reason that I had to reunite with my cousin who I hadn’t seen since he was child.
    That was quite something if I do say so myself!

    And, John, your examples here say it all, too. Especially the one of yourself! 😂


    • Dr. John Reizer April 10, 2022 / 11:57 am

      Your cousin is a very awakened individual — WOW! We need a lot more people like him. 😀👍

      • Lisa April 10, 2022 / 12:17 pm

        I totally agree! 😀

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