Cooties Versus COVID

Cooties is a fictitious childhood disease, commonly represented as childlore. It is used in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines as a rejection term and an infection tag game (such as Humans vs. Zombies). It is similar to the British ‘dreaded lurgi‘, and to terms used in the Nordic countries, in Italy, India and Iraq.[1] A child is said to “catch” cooties through close contact with an “infected” person or from an opposite-sex child of a similar age.” (Wikipedia)

COVID is a fictitious infectious disease commonly represented as a real disease that has killed hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

A person is said to catch COVID by coming within close contact (six feet) of an ‘infected’ person.

It is interesting to note that neither Cooties nor COVID has ever been isolated through the rigors of scientific research.

Additionally, neither fictitious disease can be diagnosed in humans with a PCR test. Neither disease can be prevented through the administration of an mRNA antiviral vaccine.” (Reizerpedia)

The COVID Research Papers!

And now we know why there were toilet paper shortages. 🤣


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4 thoughts on “Cooties Versus COVID

  1. Lisa April 10, 2022 / 5:36 pm

    Ha Ha! 😄 I don’t know, John. Those research papers do not look reliable enough to wipe ______________(Fill in the blank)
    I care not to blurt it out!

    And the infectious “cooties” a fictitious childhood disease, reminds me of something I was thinking about today. I was thinking about my (cuz Jeff) when I knew him as a seven or eight year ( I don’t remember his age exactly)

    But I was a young woman at the time, and he was the ring bearer at my wedding. The flower girl was shy and upset, and cared not to dance with him. So I stepped in to take her place. And I had my husband dance with the flower girl.
    All ends well!

    But that is a classic case of young children of a similar age and of an opposite sex being afraid to come near one another or “cooties”.

    The “covid” fictitious infectious disease and the “cooties” fictitious childhood disease of staying six feet apart are similar to another in that both are irrational thinking.


    • Dr. John Reizer April 10, 2022 / 5:48 pm

      Great stuff, Lisa!

      I had some extra time on my hands today, so I thought I would write some new content. 🤣

      • Lisa April 10, 2022 / 8:20 pm

        Although the mission here is extremely important and of a serious nature, we have to remember to lighten up for our own sanity. It helps in moving forward!

        So I think I speak for the rest of the world when I say that we always like when you come out to play!

        However, it is realized that you also have other creative endeavors to attend to.

        And thanks, John! Again, It was a bit of fun ! 😂


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