We are living through a vaccine genocide!

If at this point people still have not figured out we are witnessing a worldwide orchestrated vaccine genocide, there’s no hope for such individuals.

The evidence is plentiful, clear as can be, and undeniable to anyone who possesses even the most minimal critical thinking skills.

–Dr. Reizer


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3 thoughts on “We are living through a vaccine genocide!

  1. Lisa April 11, 2022 / 1:26 pm

    A vaccine genocide and more!

    Parry Masons (cuz Jeff)
    April 3rd, Facebook

    For nearly 100 years.
    Secret intelligence agencies
    And black operations by
    Cover special forces
    Have targeted and tortured people
    Using technology and surveillance on
    Their own citizens
    As a business of experimental research
    In alignment with a very sadistic agenda

    For many decades this was considered conspiracy theory material
    because of its forbidden content and nature
    It’s been well documented as things
    Like monarch butterfly and MK Ultra mind control experiments
    This whole other world of information and real conspiracies
    against the people
    There is another population of targeted individuals who know
    what I’m talking about
    Experiencing touch less torture, Electronic harassment
    And A.I. gang stalking
    And now
    In these past few years
    They have changed the infrastructure so that they can target everyone

    This is the Hollywood metaphor of the walking dead
    Not as much as those who have inoculated
    But everyone who is targeted by this technology
    As it relates to hijacking our digital patented clone
    In the ether to infiltrate our consciousness
    So they play God with our downloaded souls
    But more so
    It’s about being targeted and locked into their
    Smart grid
    Secret military armaments for residential technologies

    A weaponized simulation of reality

    They put chemical agents in the sky and water
    And in our food

    They combine it with the nano Technology they push in everything
    new age
    Including the 💉💉💉

    Nature itself is infected

    This is the true definition of
    The Alien invasion
    In classified terms

    We are human Wet ware
    Meta ware
    Human capital
    For JOOish capitalism

    And by ionizing the sky with electro magnetic weapon
    Nano metals, toxins

    Using technology like HARRP and directed energy microwave
    They can achieve many agendas at one

    Reflecting the light fro the sun
    Saturating the sky with heavy metals in an aerosol form
    Spraying us like bugs and engineering things like Vivid populations,
    artificial sickness
    Like symptoms to fibre glass
    This is how they
    Create all our diseases by milking our collective ignorance
    And using our energy to feed the perpetual big business of big
    Which is the vicious circle of deception in our health and medical
    Industry as it relates to the anti human
    Entity that controls the web of lies, corruption and monopoly of our

    In addition to this is the smart grid pumping
    Electro magnetic frequencies and radiation
    Pulse targeting our homes

    Once the nano technology gets inside of us
    They get into our sinuses
    Which we cough up and swallow
    Once it gets in our stomachs
    It starts to assemble and self produce
    In the warmth of our acid stomachs
    Like artificial bacterial insects

    People who are more alkaline in Ph have stronger immunities
    But those who are more acidic and feed this artificial bacterial fungus
    things like High fructose corn syrup and things that help it grow
    Usually end up being sicker than others

    This IS nano technology
    Modified Notsee bullshit
    War crimes against the people
    That never went away
    But become Occult

    The silent weapon of a quiet war

    Many believe the 💉
    Serves many agendas
    As a payload to
    Complete this transhuman process in the people who volunteered
    themselves to this vulgar experiment

    It could be true
    I truly hope not
    But the rest is all connected
    And the evidence is glaring
    As the chemical soaked skies we see every day
    On schedule
    Without fail

    We the people
    These inoculated people will experience
    Symptoms of targeting
    But might not realize it
    That they are being
    Remote controlled

    Voice to skull technology
    Is real
    You might start having a conversation with yourself in your head
    But that voice isn’t your own
    Its something else
    Speaking through you

    They play with your mind
    And make you see things instead
    Hallucinations And phantasms

    Make you dream dreams that aren’t yours

    Suggestive programming is their modus operandi of

    Is this not what space force really is?
    Cyber space
    Unit 8200
    Project prism
    The Satanism
    All that National security bullshit?

    And A cover up for both this sky net system
    The climate control agenda and
    The real secret space program, lying Ass NASA
    that is in all actuality
    Them weaponizing the earth against the people
    With more of the same lockdown technology

    Building the Wall around us

    Or rather the sky
    Above us?

    Some kinda sub nature threshold
    Like a movie
    Chronicles of Riddick

    Enabling psyop events !Like
    That the great JOOish scamdemic served as a cover for
    So Black Rock could cash in on more shekels by closing down small
    business and claiming properties?


    The people don’t know what’s really going on
    And they don’t even know
    that they don’t even know.

    Maybe they should grow up a little?
    Admit that they don’t know shit
    And start paying closer attention to those who do?

    Don’t take it from me tho
    Do your due diligence
    And dig deeper
    Beyond the silo in your minds”

  2. Lisa April 11, 2022 / 2:20 pm

    👍 I would say so!
    And if only there were more!


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