Directly from the Clementine Website (2010)

Dr. John Reizer

Shortly before leaving the teaching faculty at a college where I once worked, I showed the students in my class a photo of the lunar surface, courtesy of a US Navy military website that was in the public domain.

I had learned about the website from the Mars Anomaly website that is found on NoFakeNews under “the websites to visit” section.

What we did in the classroom that afternoon was click on the navy website, fill in the longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates, and capture the lunar picture below.

The photo has not been photoshopped unless it was done so by the US government.

Clementine was a joint venture between NASA and the Department of the US Navy. The unmanned probe allegedly mapped the entire lunar surface in 1994 and cataloged those photos on the military website.

By adding in specific coordinates, the public could see detailed photos of our moon.

Check out the large building structure that is situated in the crater. If you enlarge the photo, you can see a lot of other buildings that appear to be obfuscated by smudging techniques within the large crater complex.

I sent a message to the webmaster asking what a building was doing on the moon.

It was a few months later when a new browser was added to the website. After that modification to the site was installed, I tried to use the same coordinates as before. When I did so, the photo showed the crater minus the building.


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  1. Lisa April 1, 2022 / 7:20 am

    From Extraterrestrials & UFO Sightings UK

    “It sounds nuts, he says, however it’s genuine, and we have affirmation directly from the tactical satellites. In 1994, the US Navy sent a shuttle called Clementine to take photos of the Moon for quite some time.

    Clementine has made 1.8 million pictures of the Moon, yet only 170,000 of these photographs have been distributed to general society. Most of them have been arranged. Arranged photographs on cavities of the Moon!? One of the most grounded uncovers that are outsider bases on the clouded side of the Moon by Ingo Swann (1933-2013), a distant onlooker. Ingo Swann assisted the US government with presenting a remote survey administration in 1970.

    In 1973, when Swann made a remote perspective on Jupiter, he recognized the rings around the earth, and in 1979, Voyage 1 captured the rings around Jupiter. Along with Axelrod, another far off watcher, Swann did a couple of far off meetings noticing the clouded side of the moon and tracked down a couple of outsider bases.

    Twelve separate areas were looked, and very soon they found that there are outsider bases in specific spots. Swann saw indications of enormous haggles gear like farm trucks. From the start, Swann was baffled about what he had seen, yet he recalled that he had seen building tasks. Swann says he was spotted by two outsider humanoids at some stage, and he contemplated whether he was in some danger!”

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