2 thoughts on “After decades of lies, the truth is finally revealed by NASA

  1. Lisa April 1, 2022 / 12:55 pm

    Aliens do not exist. April Fools Day! They are out there! 👽

    And you had me for a moment, John! 😂

    Despite my always giving credit to the authors of my quotes that I put on nofakenews, I have a tendency to overlook those kinds of details myself. So, at first, I was only paying attention to “The Truth About Apollo Finally Revealed,” and not anything else. Then as I was reading it something seemed fishy, and I saw the name John Reizer and remembered it was April Fools Day. 🙄

    There are times when details such as names, locations etc. should not be overlooked! 😊

    Plus, I did notice that you are starting a new gig. Awesome! 😀

    And I guess I am into emojis today! 😄


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