Can you handle the truth? Two major clues prove we live in a virtual reality game

By Michael Morris

I know the author of NoFakeNews likes to marginalize my writings by claiming that they are works of fiction, but I assure you they “AIN’T” by any stretch of the imagination!

If you are looking through the content on this website, you have wondered in the past about ancient esoteric knowledge. You have also wondered about the Masons and other secret societies. You know, the one-percenters that keep important universal knowledge hidden from 99 percent of the human race.

Allow me to reintroduce myself to readers. I am an old soul that likes to play around in the Earth game. You probably think I am kidding — I am not!

I am going to reveal in this post ancient hidden knowledge that is coveted and protected by the few that control the many.

Can you handle the truth?

Life on Earth is a computer simulation! It’s not real and I am going to give you two amazing universal secrets that prove what I am writing is accurate information.

Here are the two major clues that prove humans are avatars living in a virtual reality world.

1. The Fibonacci Sequence

Everything in nature is tied to a repeated mathematical sequence. This is the best evidence that exhibits the simulation’s game codes.

2. The DNA Sequencing

DNA – is an antenna/frequency receiver that reads and solidifies the game codes.

When Universal Frequency/Game Codes encounter human/animal/plant DNA, the DNA’s basic structure acts like an antenna that will solidify said frequencies into subatomic particles. Depending on the code’s particular arrangement, a holographic or solid appearing reality is created for humans and other sentient beings interacting within the parameters of the simulated Earth game. A specific light/frequency introduced to the DNA template can modify its structure and affect/limit a human being’s ability to perceive one holographic expression of reality from another.

This is how and why different dimensional constructs can exist simultaneously. Other dimensional parameters of existence containing expressive life forms are quite abundant. However, humans can only perceive a limited number of Universal Frequency Codes because the tuning mechanism they are bound to (DNA) has been strategically designed to filter out other-dimensional platforms.

There are different dimensions of existence within Vast Intelligence’s artificially constructed realities. Many game simulations are transpiring simultaneously.

The dimensions exist only through universal frequency codes that are read and transcribed by DNA. How the DNA is constructed determines what realities can be sensed or perceived by the avatars/players wearing biological vessels.

Humans are continually living/existing as avatars in a virtual reality game. Reality is not what people imagine it to be. There is no death, and there is no birth. It is an illusionary game designed to gather knowledge and information for a Vast Intelligence.

Rules of the Game!

  1. Life on Earth is a holographic experience derived from a frequency generated blueprint.
  2. A human being’s perception of reality is far removed from total reality.
  3. Time does not exist outside the parameters of the holographic experience being realized by sentient beings.
  4. Everything and anything appearing to be solid is actually a frequency signature.
  5. When solid subatomic particles revert back to Universal Frequency Codes, time cannot exist. In the absence of solid particles, physicality is nonexistent, and there are no physical objects in existence capable of passing through space, which requires the passage of time.
  6. When Universal Frequency Codes are transformed through solidification into solid subatomic particles, time exists because solid particles can pass through space, which requires the passage of time.

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a global psyop — a last-ditch effort of the interdimensional parasitic avatars that have breached the security parameters of the Earth game to take control and prevent Vast Intelligence from ending the simulation. Those avatars that have assumed control of the planet’s direction and the management of other avatars are ironically running out of time, which in reality, does not exist.

The game and the biological vessels humans and all animal avatars wear while playing in the simulation are expressed and built through universal frequency codes and read by DNA.

The DNA’s specific structure allows for the physical expressions of biological vessels and all Earth’s life forms to be perceptible to other avatars. DNA reads the universal frequency codes and solidifies them into physicality through a process known as solidification.

What about the COVID vaccines?

COVID-19 is an attempt by a small percentage of avatars running the Earth show to thin the avatar playing field. More importantly, it is a plan to transform/modify the DNA so that Vast Intelligence cannot shut down the virtual reality game in 2115.

The one percent of avatars addicted to the Earth Game are desperate. Their aspirations and attempts to hijack and transform the game from Vast Intelligence are tantamount to the avatars in a video game trying to take control of the game from its designers.

Many of the COVID-19 vaccines were designed to transform the structure of human DNA so that the universal frequency codes being read and transcribed by the DNA will not process the simulation’s termination instructions originating from Vast Intelligence.

Of course, my writings are only the work of a fiction writer, but then again, so was the pandemic narrative the work of fiction writers and many avatars fell for that line of baloney hook, line, and sinker! 🤣


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3 thoughts on “Can you handle the truth? Two major clues prove we live in a virtual reality game

  1. Lisa March 31, 2022 / 8:20 pm

    What fascinating and mind boggling scientific spirituality from Michael Morris! An old soul indeed, who channels the consciousness of Dr. John Reizer of nofakenews.

    In this computer virtual reality game, “The dimensions exist only through universal frequency codes that are read and transcribed by DNA.”

    The interdemsional parasitic avatars are aiming to sabotage the vast intelligence’s simulated game with vaccines that will change the DNA of the earth avatars. ( The frequency codes will no longer be effective) These parasites are pushing to take over the game.

    Therefore the vast intelligence needs to end the game. By ending the game they can advance and create higher levels of dimensions. And they aim to achieve this goal with the awakening of the earth avatars by means of universally enlightened frequency codes.

    While they still can!

    And that’s my simplified understanding and take on it, Michael. I hope I got it somewhat right! 😂


      • Lisa April 1, 2022 / 12:30 am

        Thanks, John! (Michael) 😀

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