They’re messing with our minds because this is what works!

Dr. John Reizer

They love to play mind games with the citizens of the world. Manipulation of the masses by the controlling powers is continually performed through the outflow of disinformation via mainstream media programming.

Read the headlines:


Russian buildup continues, but insufficient for full-scale invasion, Ukrainian military intelligence says

Iran nuclear talks are entering a critical stage. Here’s what to look out for

With Covid-19 protests persisting in Ottawa, police tell demonstrators to clear out

There is no end to America’s rising prices

Russia-Ukraine crisis could drive US inflation to a historic 10%


State Department hits back at Russia ‘propaganda,’ says troops moving ‘into fighting positions’

What is Russia’s potential to launch cyberattacks?

Excess deaths in US top 1M since COVID-19 pandemic start: report


‘We haven’t seen any pullback’: U.S. pushes back on Russia’s claim of troop drawdown

Indiana school counselor tells parents their kids can opt out of Black History Month lessons


Russian aircraft buzz US Navy patrol planes, get within 5 feet, Pentagon says

Russia-Ukraine live updates: US, NATO see no meaningful pullback of Russian forces


What we continue to be fed in the way of news, no matter what mainstream media stations we are following, is the threat of impending doom through the prospects of war, bad economic forecasts, lies about the pandemic, and other content designed to create divisiveness in the population. All of these stories are created for the purpose of bringing us down emotionally and mentally.

Break the habit of watching mainstream news feeds from any company. They are lying to us regularly, and that’s something that will never change.


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2 thoughts on “They’re messing with our minds because this is what works!

  1. Dickie February 18, 2022 / 3:18 pm

    Here in CA they have pulled the latest fakeout to the spaniels addicted to their masters beatings of rescinding the mask mandate Meanwhile AB 1993 moves through the politburo Which orders mandatory vaccination of all employees of all businesses including independent contractors Due to take effect 1/1/2023… I try to tell people forget canada Look whats happening right here right in front of you… As ever they will realize after its too late… This is a society literally too stupid to exist all we can do is keep our powder dry… By the way after the scripted fixed AFC title game i felt for sure the superbowl rig would be for the bengals…i was wrong…

    • Dr. John Reizer February 18, 2022 / 3:29 pm

      Thanks for sharing, Dickie! 👍🙂

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