Hospital corporations, prescription drugs designed to mitigate COVID, and vaccines are killing people!

Dr. John Reizer

I just finished reading an excellent article on Dr. Mercola’s website about how the treatment protocols for the mitigation of COVID-19 were designed to kill patients.

Whether it’s through the administration of Remdesivir, narcotics, or mechanical ventilation, most people being managed for the alleged pandemic illness are methodically being killed by the hospital and big pharma corporations.

And let’s not forget the deadly COVID vaccines put out by the evilest corporations in existence. The bioweapons have murdered millions of people and more deaths and sterilization of humans are forthcoming.

Writing from personal experience, I can attest to the veracity of Mercola’s claims. I was placed on mechanical ventilation for over 18 days and prescribed a plethora of drugs that nearly killed me on multiple occasions. The damage to my lungs, heart and other internal organs was significant and I have many health challenges ahead of me.

How I survived all the treatment protocols administered when others alongside me perished, was a small miracle.


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6 thoughts on “Hospital corporations, prescription drugs designed to mitigate COVID, and vaccines are killing people!

  1. Lisa February 16, 2022 / 12:27 pm

    I completely agree with Dr. Mercola and you, John. I have always stated that I believed the ventilator was a killing machine after my husband was put on it for 16 days back in April of 2020. And I have always stated that when I spoke to him earlier on the day that they put him on it, he had sounded better. His voice was clearer and he did not sound so distressed anymore. He had also had conversations with our daughter and his brother that day. Although he now has no recollection of any of it. But I could never understand why they felt he had to go on the ventilator that day. I was not called by a doctor. My husband had left me a message saying they were putting him on it and he wouldn’t be able to talk to me anymore.
    I believe the doctors were instructed to do this procedure. I even believe his doctor felt guilty about it because of the way he dutifully and kindly kept me prepared for his demise everyday on the phone afterward.
    However, I had no choice but to take my husband to the ER at that time, because I knew he would die if I didn’t. And I was right. His oxygen level was only at 69% when he was admitted. It is supposed to be in 95% or higher. It was a no win situation. And it all felt so cold! I got to wave goodbye through a glass window. Then I did not see him again for 37 days.
    So I completely understand why you also had to be admitted to the hospital, John.
    And I definitely believe that there is sinister technology at play in the world. This goes beyond any illness. It is biowarfare. When you witness the intensity of the situation, you have to believe there is more to it. At least a critical thinker would have to!
    And by the time this all happened to you and more, I was also a believer in miracles because my husband had lived! I was scared again like before, but I believed strongly in the power of thought and prayer. And even though on one hand the medical personal is trying to kill you, on the other hand some have taken their vow seriuosly to save people and are actually doing everything in their power to make that happen. Despite their instructions to cause harm. My husband’s doctor had told me that he would probably get in trouble for giving my husband the drug Tocilizumab. But that one dose may have saved his life.
    At least some medical personal are brave enough to defy their surperiors. Many are not, and the results are very unfortunate.
    And as you have stated, John, prior health also makes a difference!

    • Dr. John Reizer February 16, 2022 / 2:50 pm

      Agreed, Lisa. Many good people in the medical profession completely devote their lives to trying to help people.

      It’s the medical systems and protocols that kill people, unfortunately.

      Interesting to note, I don’t remember the conversation I had with the medical staff before being vented. All of those events that had occurred and the messages I sent to my wife before I was placed into a medically induced coma have been erased from my mind.


      • Lisa February 16, 2022 / 3:24 pm

        I do not think that the medical system want the patients (victims) to remember what was happening around them, John!
        No witnesses! 😂 Including the family members. No visitors !
        No one else is allowed to have a say or have a different opinion!

      • Dr. John Reizer February 16, 2022 / 4:47 pm

        No kidding, Lisa! My memories of all the pre ventilation stuff were wiped clean. Even the article I wrote on NoFakeNews from my hospital bed before being placed on the ventilator I cannot recall writing. Very strange what drugs can do to your mind. 🤣

  2. karla altiero February 16, 2022 / 4:33 pm

    Man in auto crash gets injection and awakens with iv catheter drugged and on a vent. He pulls everything out and confronts the “nurses” for an explanation. Apparently he tested positive for coNvid and the hospital received the $ for all those coNvid codes.

    • Dr. John Reizer February 16, 2022 / 4:49 pm

      I read about this story, Karla. Thanks so much for sharing the information. 👍


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