Target List movie update

Dr. John Reizer

We continue to get closer to the production of our movie, Target List. Over 700 actors and actresses are currently auditioning for roles in this feature film. We believe that Target List is going to be an important movie that has the potential to be viewed by a large audience.

The filming of the movie is scheduled for the middle of April and will likely be completed by early May. The project will then transition into a lengthy post-production process before being released as a full-length movie sometime in 2023.

While we have already secured enough investors and funds for the movie’s production, we continue to ask for donations to help offset some ancillary expenses — like food catering for the cast and crew members.

As soon as more information becomes available, I will be posting those updates and photos on NoFakeNews.

I wanted to give a big shout-out and say thanks one more time to those of you who have generously helped to crowdfund the film. Your generosity proves that you are willing to help me wake up the world and not just sit back like most people and complain about everything bad.


Target List — A Feature Film

Last year Mad-Wife productions filmed and produced the pilot movie The Target List. The story is now going to become a full-feature movie that will be released in 2023 under the title Target List.


Please donate a few dollars to help us with our upcoming movie.

Thanks for the support!

Visit our movie website

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Use of donations:
All donations will be used exclusively for the production of the movie.


–Donate $100 and get a Thank You credit in the film.
–Donate $200 and get a Thank You credit in the film as well as a signed copy of the screenplay.

–Do you have a product or business you would like to highlight in the movie? Contact us — we are offering product placement in the film!

2 thoughts on “Target List movie update

  1. Lisa February 17, 2022 / 8:14 pm

    It is so awesome that so many people have taken an interest in auditioning for The Target List.

    The topic of this movie production will be of interest to many. I have to believe that it will do very well!

    It is going to be an incredible experience for you, John, and for all those involved! 😀


    • Dr. John Reizer February 17, 2022 / 9:05 pm

      Thanks for your support and for being one of the investors in this film. 👍


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