The SCOTUS betrays US health care workers and removes their right to choose whether or not to take COVID kill shots!

Dr. John Reizer

The SCOTUS has officially betrayed US health care workers by ruling that vaccine mandates are constitutional. Perhaps the biggest slap in the face to American health care personnel ever, the US legal system has demonstrated clearly they believe that the US government owns people and has a legal right to determine what drugs their property must have.

The SCOTUS ruling paves the way for millions of deaths to occur in the future. The decision to force vaccines on American health care workers is unconstitutional and demonstrates that the entire legal system in our country is connected to and controlled by the powers that be.

To legally mandate that private citizens must take an experimental drug that already has a proven track record of killing people worldwide is beyond belief. The fact that this bizarre ruling occurred in America is even more disturbing.

The American government and our legal system will not protect its citizens from medical tyranny. We are on our own and must look out for ourselves in the future.

The global genocide taking place has the full backing of all governments including the United States government. This latest ruling by the SCOTUS proves without any doubt that this is the case.


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One thought on “The SCOTUS betrays US health care workers and removes their right to choose whether or not to take COVID kill shots!

  1. Dickie January 16, 2022 / 12:19 am

    Destruction of the health care system is of course integral to the plandemic And no supreme court decision matters anyway its only theater Businesses will continue to mandate the bioweapon shots regardless to avoid being put on the totalitarians s-t list The rule of law is extinct And by the way a couple weeks ago i put up a link to a brilliant ladys September 2019 youtube video exactly predicting the coming pandemic and the mandatory vaccinations to come with it That video was just removed for the inevitable violating community guidelines…

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