How to create your own Computer Generated “novel virus” just like the WHO (Sars-CoV-2 is not real)

I have been writing about sars-cov-2 being a computer-modeled virus for most of 2020. There are others out there with impressive credentials writing the same thing.

The sars-cov-2 virus is not real! There have been zero cases globally because the virus has never been isolated in totality from any alleged human or animal hosts.

The PCR tests are rigged and have created a paper tiger pandemic comprised only of fake case numbers. There’s no need for covid-19 vaccines or any medical mitigation of covid -19 or the alleged viral pathogen associated with the nonexistent disease.

–Dr. Reizer

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How to make up your own ” novel  virus” using  computer programs just like the WHO did. Please note this “virus” (string of rna) is not actual or real its CG. And WHOs afraid of a CG virus? Unfortunately  almost everyone when they believe its real,  people  are afraid of media  propaganda  .

So once you have taken the sample of animal DNA( fetal bovine), human DNA, other contaminants and  very delicate rna  you mix it up together and  just let computers make up a virtual virus.
And if you need to introduce it as real,  not as it really is simulated, you can go for  a fake computer generated morbidity chart, have it  launched by an  academic  like  Prof Neil Ferguson  and for his part in this criminal fraud later  he can  just  say it was an  “error of judgement”.
So you create  a fake virus , a predictive …

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