The Target List Audiobook Review by Author L.S. Fellows

By L.S. Fellows, Author

The story begins with a “doctor” casting a wand over a young girl and curing her of a terminal disease. But it is some time before Clyde Daniel and his associate Donna are ready to share their breakthrough with the world.

However, it seems the world – or rather Big Pharma – is neither ready nor willing to accept this new radio wave technology. Many among us would query their hesitancy. Why would anyone not welcome such technology? Isn’t the point of Big Pharma to find cures for those pernicious diseases? Of course it is. But, such ‘cures’ come at a price – the cost of research is reflected in the amount charged for any new wonder drug.

Now, if patients no longer need to take daily medication to ease their pain and suffering as a result of chronic illness and diseases, then the demand for such pills and potions becomes redundant.


Could big pharmaceutical companies be holding out against cures for today’s killer diseases? Is it all about money after all?

The short chapters really keep the pace taut and tense in this thought-provoking story. The narration adds to the tension, the personality of the main characters comes through, as does excitement for the wand’s potential in regards to the future of healthcare.

I could happily have listened to more about the characters and the conspiracies they face in bringing the wand to market, but I have to admit that the brevity of the story delivers the desired shock factor. It certainly had me thinking about the role of Big Pharma and the drugs industry and made me ever more thankful for European healthcare systems on which I currently rely. That said, if only there really could be something available like the wand … how amazing would that be?

Highly recommended for fans of medical thrillers: sharp, pacy and thought-provoking.

2 thoughts on “The Target List Audiobook Review by Author L.S. Fellows

  1. Anthony D. November 8, 2019 / 4:29 pm

    I listened to the audiobook and found the story intriguing as well. Could anyone imagine a world where different diseases were neutralized by a magic WAND? How totally incredible would that be for everybody?
    Clyde Daniel’s predicament in The Target List got me really thinking about this sort of hypothetical scenario. There’s no way that big corporations that profit from treating different diseases would ever stand for such a thing and not try to sabotage the tool in the real world.
    The energy companies have done the same things with Nikola Tesla’s designs. They’ve kept free energy technologies out of sight so people continue to have to pay for such services.
    The health and sickness industries make lots of money selling products that manage human ailments. It’s depressing to think of the world in this way, but that’s how capitalism works in healthcare, energy and other areas. Many technologies that could benefit humanity will never be revealed.
    Anyway, great book. I really enjoyed the story.

  2. Scott Baker November 10, 2019 / 9:53 am

    A truly terrific read and an even better listen as an audiobook, I absolutely loved this action packed thriller. So many of the novels I read contain a lot of filler material that disrupts the flow of the story. Not the case with The Target List; it’s a blast to listen to and there’s not a dull chapter in the entire book.

    The story blows the lid off of Big Pharma’s conspiracy to infiltrate organized medicine and keep diseases thriving and in the forefront of people’s minds worldwide. These companies aren’t interested in curing diseases, they’re only focused on profiting from them and Clyde Daniel, the book’s protagonist is fed up with the whole scheme.

    This was one of the best damn books I have come across in a while.

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