Remembering My Past Lives


By Dr. John L. Reizer

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At the age of five, I had an exceptionally clear understanding that I had lived multiple lives. Although I cannot presently recall the specific details of those lives, there is no doubt in my mind, whatsoever, that I have lived before.

As a young boy, I knew things that a person just entering the world for the very first time wouldn’t be aware of. I remember telling my parents, as a young child, that people lived over and over again. I also remembered what happened in-between those lifetimes. For example, I knew that when a person died he or she immediately reviewed what had happened in their most recent life as well as events from previous lifetimes. I knew that we picked our parents and friends prior to being born. I knew we chose what problems and challenges we would have to work through in a particular lifetime. I also knew that what we failed to learn successfully in one lifetime would have to be reintroduced and addressed in future lifetimes.

I remember knowing that we lived many lives as men and women and that a person who was a parent or a sibling to a person in one lifetime might have been their friend or spouse in another incarnation.

I knew very early in my life that the people closest to me had been present in my other lives. We were all connected, as a package of souls, to one another and enrolled in a never ending curriculum that offered universal lessons about experiencing physicality while being housed in third dimensional bodies.

When I was three years old, I was able to play a piano that was situated in my parents’ home. Whatever music I heard on the radio or television I could replicate on the keyboard without any problems. How could I have had the ability to play a musical instrument like a piano unless I had played one in a prior lifetime?

By the time I was eight years old, I spoke about past lifetimes and the different dimensions of universal existence. I knew about many other things early in my life concerning this subject. Later, I would read about the same concepts in books that had been written by paranormal researchers.

As a young child I knew that all physical matter vacillated between being solid and a frequency. At 10 years old I understood the basic mechanisms of what is known today as quantum physics. In addition to this, I had already developed an understanding that frequencies were read by something in our bodies that made our environment look and feel solid. Years later I would read interesting theories by scientists concerning this material and would come to realize that human DNA was the tuning mechanism that read and converted those frequencies into a third dimensional reality construct.

The fact that I knew all of this information as a young child could only be explained by another fact. I had lived multiple lifetimes as a human being. But I also realized very early on that I was not special or a unique individual. I understood that all human beings lived many incarnations in an effort to be exposed to universal knowledge that could be obtained by experiencing thousands of lifetimes in a classroom setting like our earth.

As of this writing, I am 51 years old. But like every other person walking around on this planet, I am an eternal soul that has lived many lifetimes in different biological vessels and I have experienced countless scenarios in various incarnations.

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