911- The Anatomy of a Great Deception (Full Documentary)

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net

On September 11, 2001, one of the most horrific terrorist attacks ever committed against the United States and the American people took place in New York City, Washington, DC, and the state of Pennsylvania.

The mainstream media companies continue, many years later, to keep the memories of 9-11 fresh in our minds by making available, through television, movies and magazines, the accounts and pictures that were permanently recorded that September morning. But the version of the story that’s repeatedly drummed into our heads is the 911 Commission’s Report. They would later publish, in a very lengthy book, the government’s official findings so that all Americans could learn how Islamic terrorists cleverly hijacked commercial airplanes and later crashed those airliners into the World Trade Center Towers and U.S. Pentagon.

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Today there are more people than ever before questioning the government’s official version of 9-11. According to quite a few independent polls, which have been conducted by Internet and mainstream news sources, most people believe in various alternative (conspiracy) theories regarding September 11, instead of the government’s published account.

The following video documentary by David Hooper is quite possibly the best objective examination of the 911 tragedy ever created. It is a must see and I encourage readers to invest the time to watch the presentation in its entirety.


(Unfortunately, the video has now been removed by someone.)