God Save the People!

Dr. John Reizer

Why are so many people mourning the death of the Queen of England? It’s mind-boggling to think that the royals are routinely held in awe by so many people worldwide considering their direct ties to pedophilia, human trafficking, and other crimes against humanity.

The royals’ massive portfolio of wealth was stolen from the backs of commoners for over 1200 years. This horrible fact is never mentioned publicly by the mainstream media.

A Thief and her Stolen Jewels!

Regardless of how despicable the royals behave, they are always portrayed as benevolent and kind.

When most Americans think of the royal family, they envision a group of cartoon characters who dress up in colorful costumes and wave to crowds of people from the balconies of palatial-looking buildings.

Most people don’t understand the true importance of the royal lineage and its direct ties to other bloodlines that rule the world to this day. Most people incorrectly believe that the royals are ceremonial figureheads that carry no governing powers.

The Queen represented a monarch that is despised and hated by billions of people. Now that Elizabeth is in the box, many people are outraged by the fact that there are some in society celebrating her passing.

There are so many clueless morons in the world it beggars belief. Then again, there would have to be a predominantly clueless and moronic society in existence for a fake virus to be supported for as long as it has and for a group of interbreeding pedophiles to be revered by the same people they have oppressed for more than 1,200 years.


We are about to tell an important story!


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