Why haven’t these vaccine cheerleaders been arrested for crimes against humanity?

Dr. John Reizer

The data is in, and the results are terrifying. More people have been harmed (murdered) by Covid-19 vaccines than by any other medical drugs in recorded history. Despite these findings, the poisons continue to be dispensed and administered to people worldwide.

The world pandemic was a hoax. It was launched into existence by science fiction writers that orchestrated a psyop that made it appear as if a real virus caused massive illness in the population.

The goal all along was to convince people to voluntarily take bioweapons disguised as life-saving vaccines.

Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are two prominent individuals who have played a major role in convincing the American public to take the Covid jabs (poisons), and they should be held accountable, with many others, for their actions. Why haven’t the two frontmen been arrested, and why haven’t the vaccines been pulled from the global marketplace? The answers to those two questions are that the plandemic is part of a global Holocaust that continues to push forward, and the controlling powers are protecting Gates, Fauci, and the official narrative.

Put them in jail!

People want Gates and Fauci behind bars!

Millions upon millions of people are dying from the vaccines, and the death statistics are being hidden and ignored by the perpetrators of the crimes.

The powers that be told us what they were planning to do far in advance of 2020. Now that they have carried out their plandemic, they want to hide the damage and pretend nothing has happened.

The medical psychos that call themselves healthcare providers are just as guilty as Gates and Fauci. They are not heroes as portrayed by the lying mainstream media.

Until people wake up and start realizing what is happening in the world, they will continue to be the victims of this and future psyops!


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The controlling powers scared us for three years with a fake virus, and now they’re trying to do the same thing with nonexistent nuclear weapons

The video below is circulating all over the Internet. It shows how 90 million people would die in a short period of time if nuclear war is unleashed. It is total bullshit! There are no nukes and there is no COVID virus.

We have been the victims of so many psyops over the years that we don’t even realize when we are being played.

Stop worrying about stuff that isn’t real. The powers that be want the general public to live in a constant state of fear. Don’t fall for the lies and live your life unafraid of ridiculous and false narratives.

Fake Nuclear Weapons Narrative

This will never happen!


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