Buckingham Palace was furious over a leaked video showing the Queen and her family performing a NAZI salute

Dr. John Reizer

Of course, Buckingham Palace was furious about the video. The truth about the royal family is not too pretty and the powers that be have been hiding their dirt and ties to other nasty stuff for a long time.

From YouTube

Many people have been vilified through the years by different groups for being NAZI sympathizers. Yet, when authentic photos and videos of the royals saluting Adolf Hitler are released publicly, the media downplays the story claiming she was a young child.

The point that needs not to be lost is that the Queen’s mom and dad were performing the salute as well.

When will people wake up and see the royals for what they are instead of how the mainstream media portrays them?

Heil Hitler!

This is who you are mourning?


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