Are You Sure The Earth Is Round?

By Gina Flores

When presented with new ideas that are in opposition to major concepts that have been in our lives since the time we were very young children, it’s almost impossible for humans to objectively evaluate these hypotheses. Very often the early brainwashing we undergo in formal indoctrination centers (public schools) is so powerful that there is little chance for the average person to be able to make sense of the truth later in life. Even when the truth is blatantly obvious, most of us will still cling desperately to the lies we’ve been force fed earlier in our lives.

I have had an opportunity to look over many photographs that have been taken by NASA during its alleged manned and unmanned missions to the moon and Mars. The one thing I have found to be consistent with many of these public domain photographs is that they have been intentionally obfuscated. Said photographs have been sanitized so that they don’t reveal the intelligently designed structures that would have been readily visible without the presence of obfuscation techniques. I think these photos were all taken right here on Earth.

I now believe there is a very real possibility that none of NASA’s photographic catalogs are genuine and that they have been made available to citizens in an effort to promote a fake space program. I believe this space program has never executed a successful manned or unmanned mission to another celestial body. At this point I am not sure that space travel is possible even in low earth orbits.

Look at the following video below and try to do so with complete objectivity. Many readers will be unable to do so, but for those of you that can, you will begin to see that what we have always been told was science fiction throughout our lives is in actuality very plausible and backed by science.

The flat earth model above depicts the North Pole as being in the center of the model and the South Pole as the white color that makes up the peripheral portion of the entire disc.

Flat Earth Hypothesis Made Simple

By Gina Flores

Editor at NoFakeNews

I have been receiving a lot of emails today in response to the article I published earlier in the day that had to do with the “Flat Earth” concept. I am including a couple of interesting videos below concerning the same subject matter. These are quite thought provoking to say the least.

Also visit the website: ENCLOSEDWORLD.COM



Image result for flat earth map



The Biggest Lie of All: NASA and the Flat Earth?

By Gina Flores

Editor at NoFakeNews

Hi everybody! Just found this interesting video and had to pass it along. I have to admit that this was hard to believe even for me at the beginning of the presentation. But in all fairness to the production I forced myself to watch the video in its entirety. Very Interesting material and it makes one think long and hard about everything that we have been told about life and the very world we are living in.

Try to keep an open mind about this topic and remember to question everything. As the man in the video says, “Don’t believe everything but certainly question everything.”