Bombshell –The Truth About Nuclear Weapons!

The controlling powers and their government managers produced fake witnesses and fake CGI pictures to convince people that seven decades ago scientists created a nuclear bomb. It’s pure nonsense just like space travel and the moon landings.

People believe CGI technology was not available seven decades ago. Look at the photos and films closely. CGI technology was available to the military at the time.

People believe nuclear weapons and space travel technologies were in play and that CGI technology was not. Don’t make me roll my eyes.

–Dr. Reizer

By Anders Björkman

Let’s start with some real good news! Nuclear weapons are just nonsense propaganda! A-bombs have never worked or exploded anywhere since 1945. They were never used then and cannot be used today. Imagine how easy it has been to fool the whole world with nuclear bombs that never existed nor exploded during 77 years.

Nuclear Explosion CGI

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