Can someone please perform an experiment that verifies the curvature you are supposed to see on the ball-Earth?

Dr. John Reizer

If Earth is a certain-sized ball, a person should be able to calculate, with great precision, the curvature effect witnessed when viewing objects from two endpoints.

If you place two sticks at a specific distance apart below the horizon level based on an Earth curvature calculator, you should not be able to see object A when standing at object B. The Earth’s curvature should prevent your line of sight from seeing the object.

Why is there even a debate about the shape of Earth? We should be able to experiment with a laser beam and get truthful results.

People claim that experiments, like I have described above, have been performed and that the line of sight between two objects that should not be visible due to the curvature of the Earth is, in fact, visible.

Can someone please perform such an experiment, and let’s settle the issue once and for all? I am genuinely curious to learn what the results will show.

According to some people, you can see the Earth’s curvature from airplanes. Others say you have to be twenty miles high. One guy claims you can’t see the curvature at 63 miles high.

Unfortunately, we can not rely on NASA to tell us about the shape of Earth because the space agency lies about everything. Heck, the Earth curvature calculator is probably data that came from NASA.

Maybe the experiment will not determine the shape of Earth. Perhaps the exercise will only prove that the calculator is not trustworthy or that the size of the Earth is different than claimed. Maybe the experiment will show us that the Earth is a ball. I have no idea at this point what to expect.

What is the truth? I don’t care if the planet is flat, a globe, or an isosceles triangle. I just want to know the truth.

Earth Curvature Calculator


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