Are You Ready for A New Global Currency?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

If you have had an opportunity to read some of the chiropractic books, novels, and articles I’ve written, you already know I’ve been claiming for many years that a new global currency is on the horizon. It’s coming, and the campaign to bring it to fruition is, very much, on schedule and looking stronger than ever.

The great financial meltdown of 2008 was designed by the International Bankers (the real powers that be) to shift major pockets of wealth from the little guys (you and I) to some very wealthy corporations. The 2008 financial collapse was also important to the real powers that be because it allowed them to create and pass important banking laws that would assure the creation of a more important financial collapse a few years later. Get ready, it’s almost here!

Everything you read about in newspapers and view on television, regarding the current financial problems taking place worldwide, has been carefully orchestrated by powerful banking families that really run the world. Their ultimate goal is to create a one world currency that they can control and manage without interference from individual countries. This new world currency scheme was planned long ago. Although getting the different nations on the planet to embrace a new monetary system has been an arduous task, it has, nevertheless, been nearly accomplished by deceptive and extremely effective political techniques. In the United States, democrats and republicans alike have worked together, behind the scenes, to pass vital banking legislation that their masters have demanded. Similar strategies were planned and carried out by political organizations in other countries.

In order to convince the world’s population that they should abandon various sovereign currencies, in favor of a new global dollar, it was important for the banking families to create the largest financial catastrophe the modern world has ever witnessed. Without the mother of all financial meltdowns taking place, it would have been nearly impossible for the masters of banking to accomplish what’s about to unfold.

The coming collapse of the world’s monetary systems will ultimately create the necessary climate that will pave the way for a new global currency which will be marketed as an immunization against additional financial disharmony in the future. Just as they used completely engineered financial crises in the early 1900’s to create the Federal Reserve System in the United States, the International Banking families will use this financial disaster to introduce a one world currency.

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