The Biggest Banking Scam in Existence: Fractional Reserve Lending

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

I have always believed it was extremely unfair that a person could deposit his or her hard-earned money in a savings account and be rewarded with virtually no interest payments whatsoever. On the other hand, an individual could borrow money from the same banking institution and be hammered with countless fees and interest charges. Why is it legal for a bank to charge 29% interest on a credit card and only pay, to its depositors, 1% interest for funds deposited in the bank’s savings accounts? The answer is because the entire banking industry was founded on completely corrupt practices. These practices were designed and developed to rob people blind.

From a very early age, in government funded indoctrination centers (public schools), we are taught that the Federal Reserve Banking System is a fair and safe place to store your monetary assets. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Some years ago, I discussed some of the same information in this article with a friend of mine who was a branch manager at a local bank in my hometown. What he proceeded to tell me about the banking industry made me feel quite ill. I had thought I was upset about the fact that my bank was paying me pennies, in interest, for the funds in my savings account. That banking practice was only mildly distressing compared to the new information I had just learned.

According to my friend, the biggest banking scam on the face of the planet is known as Fractional Reserve Lending. I had never learned about this banking practice in the public school system. The best way for me to describe Fractional Reserve Lending is to begin by writing that there’s actually very little money in reserve. When you deposit a certain amount of money in a bank, you have, in reality, given that bank the ability to create and lend, to consumers, ten times the original amount you deposited. You read that correctly! For every dollar we deposit into a U.S. bank, the bank’s money inventory increases tenfold. That institution then lends the, made out of thin air, money to customers and charges them interest on top of it.

Fractional Reserve Lending practices are completely legal for all banks in the Federal Reserve Banking System. If you or I attempted to write a $100.00 check from a bank account that had a $10.00 balance, we’d be thrown in jail before the ink on the check dried. This is how and why banks can afford to lend money to individuals and companies that cannot afford to pay the funds back. Hell, the banks don’t care because they never had the money in their drawers to begin with.

After thoroughly studying the practice of Fractional Reserve Lending for several years, I can tell anyone with confidence that the entire banking industry is built upon various deceptive practices, all of which have been implemented with the sole purpose of stealing money from financial consumers. I can also write, with confidence, that the entire Federal Reserve Banking system is based on a lot of hot air and not much else. Our government is regularly printing money, not backed by any tangible assets, and circulating it into the economy. Even a child could understand that this is a recipe for a financial disaster.

What most people fail to realize is that the Federal Reserve is not a Federal agency. It’s a private corporation made up of very wealthy stockholders. There’s nothing Federal about it and, coincidentally, there’s nothing on reserve in the form of real assets.

So the next time you enter a banking institution to apply for a car loan or home mortgage, remember that the money you are borrowing doesn’t really exist. The bank you are borrowing from never had the funds in the first place. They are charging you fees and interest on money that only exists in theory, and is based on the biggest scam in existence – Fractional Reserve Lending.

Article Source –  The book, ” Pull Your Head Out of the Sand: Because What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You” (Available on

Are Heartworms and Big Pharma Squeezing the Life Out of Your Wallet?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

If you’re like most canine owners, you probably love your dogs very much and want these family members to be as healthy as possible. Pet adoption is a serious responsibility and quite often the bond between an animal and human can last for a very long time.

Being a dog owner, I can certainly identify with the many responsibilities associated with caring for pets. And over the years, I’ve had to bring my dogs to the vet for a number of reasons. In an emergency situation, a good veterinarian can mean the difference between an animal surviving and dying. But the same animal, health care specialists that can save your pet’s life, in an emergency scenario, can potentially decrease their overall level of health while trying to prevent them from acquiring diseases and parasitic infections.

I believe that many people fail to realize dogs, and other animals, have natural defenses against diseases, parasites, and a whole host of other biological opportunists they regularly come into contact with. If you listen to the marketing strategies of Big Pharma, and the companies that peddle their related products/services, you might think your beloved canine would instantly drop dead without being regularly immunized and safeguarded with monthly heartworm medicines.

The truth be told, all animals, including your pet, have naturally functioning immune systems that protect them against diseases and parasites. In spite of what you might have heard, read or viewed, through the mediums of radio, television, and print media, many commonly accepted animal health practices, that attempt to prevent diseases, could be weakening your pet’s natural immune system.

According to Dr. Jeffrey Levy, a veterinarian out of Williamsburg, Massachusetts, a lot of unnecessary fear and anxiety have been placed into the psyche of dog caretakers. Dr. Levy writes, “…allopathic attitudes have instilled in many of us a fear of disease, fear of pathogens and parasites, fear of rabies, as if these are evil and malicious entities just waiting to lay waste to a naive and unprotected public…” While Dr. Levy believes that in certain situations drugs might be justifiable concerning heartworms, he personally embraces a more holistic strategy when caring for his own pet. On his website he writes, “For what it’s worth, I never gave my dog any type of heartworm preventive, even when we lived in the Santa Cruz area where heartworms were very prevalent. I tested him yearly, and he never had a problem.”

Just as they do with human beings, pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars manufacturing and distributing extremely toxic poisons for domesticated animals. The toxic vaccines and monthly heartworm preventive products actually weaken your pet’s immune system over time and make them more susceptible to diseases and parasites that exist within their natural environment.

While Big Pharma would like you to believe that heartworms are waiting around every corner to squeeze the life out of your dog’s heart, the reality of the situation is that this is not true. What’s actually being squeezed is the pet owner’s wallet. And it’s absolutely unnecessary. Some very knowledgeable people  have gone on record, over the years, stating that the heartworm scam is a billion dollar industry.

As always, when Big Pharma has its “paws” in the game, the health and best interests of patients are not a top priority. This applies to human beings as well as man’s best friend.

One has to seriously wonder how animals that live in the wild can continue to survive so well despite being constantly exposed to natural parasites and opportunistic pathogens. And remember, they don’t have access to vaccines and monthly preventive pharmaceutical products.

What do you think about this subject?



The health information that has been written on this website is not intended to replace a professional relationship between a patient and a health care specialist nor is it intended as medical advice. Readers are encouraged to make health care decisions based upon their own independent research!

NASA Scientists: Organics (Life) Found on Mars!

By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at

In 1976 NASA sent an unmanned spacecraft, named Viking, to search for extraterrestrial life on the planet Mars. According to the space agency, the craft’s robotic arm scooped a sample of the Martian soil, tested the materials in an on-board laboratory, and found no signs of life on the foreign world.

For over three decades, American citizens were told by our space agency that there was no life on Mars. And now, just like that, NASA scientists have suddenly changed their minds. The lab results of the soil samples have been reassessed and the new results demonstrate that “organics” were present on Mars in 1976. The new consensus of scientific opinion is that Viking did find evidence of microbial life on the planet’s surface.

Why is the mainstream media re-releasing this story to the world in the middle of April, 2012? The new study that determined “organics” were present on the red planet was first announced in an article that was published by Discovery News on January 4, 2011. Why are the fake news agencies pushing old news from 2011 as if it was just released a few hours ago?

Is this an attempt by “the powers that be” to prepare the masses for an upcoming announcement that intelligent life exists on Mars? Is the secret finally being let out of the bag?

With the introduction of undeniable evidence by researchers, Norman Bryden ( and Joseph Skipper ( it’s getting harder for NASA to maintain its ridiculous position that Mars is a dead and barren world. Bryden and Skipper have located buildings, towers, foliage, waterways, and civilization evidence on the Martian surface, and they’ve done so using NASA’s photographs.

What else could NASA possibly do? They’ve put themselves in an extremely awkward situation by covering up, for so many years, the fact that Mars is apparenly littered with intelligent life. Enter their latest piece of spin news; a story that claims scientists have reevaluated a three decade old lab experiment and the new results demonstrate microbial life is present on Mars.

Many citizens will applaud the new Mars study while a large segment of the population will cling to primitive belief systems that preclude followers from entertaining ideas about the existence of life off world.

In the end, NASA was able to maneuver itself into a much better position than it had been in prior to the “life on Mars announcement.” The space agency has gotten away with hiding important information from the country and the general population could care less.

What do you think about this developing story?

New Study Says Obesity Causes Autism?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

According to a new, scientific study that was published on April 9, 2012 by the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, there is a definite link between overweight mothers and babies that are born with autism.

The results of the study were featured in an article that was published by the online magazine, Natural Society, on April 10, 2012. The author of the article, Anthony Gucciardi writes, “New research has drawn a direct link between obese mothers and autistic babies, finding that overweight pregnant women have a startling 67% higher chance of having an autistic child than those who are not.”

In 1998, a scientific study authored by Andrew Wakefield, M.D. was published by The Lancet that supposedly demonstrated a direct link between autism and the MMR vaccine. The study was later retracted by the journal in 2010; because it was determined that Dr. Wakefield had disregarded several scientific, research standards while completing his work. Many alternative health care practitioners believe the Wakefield study was not flawed and that it accurately reflected the true cause of autism.

To this day, there continues to be an ongoing debate over whether vaccines are a causal factor in the genesis of so many cases of autism in the United States and around the world.

Conventional, allopathic medicine is quick to offer a variety of reasons for the tremendous increase in autism cases nationally. None of the reasons, however, seem to be linked to the medical profession’s regular practice of vaccinating the world’s children with medicines that have a longstanding history of containing toxic ingredients including Mercury.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has a documented history of supporting the vaccine agenda. They regularly encourage pediatricians to coerce parents into vaccinating their children. They also provide a publication that teaches pediatricians how to profit, in a business sense, from administering toxic vaccines to young children.

One has to seriously question the objectivity and credibility of a study that was published and promoted by an organization that has such a long, documented history of being a strong proponent of vaccinating children.

Are we being lied to? Are we being fed a study that has been engineered to purposely confuse the public about the true cause of autism?  What do you think about this controversial, scientific study?

Click here to listen to Dr. John Reizer speak about the subjects of vaccines and autism on the nationally syndicated Dani Johnson Talk Radio Show that aired live on 4/11/12.

Understanding Traditional Chiropractic Theory

By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at

The human brain sends and receives electrical messages to and from all parts of your body. It is essential that these messages arrive at specific locations, inside of you, throughout your entire life in order for you to remain healthy. The messages travel inside the spinal cord and spinal nerves.

The nervous system is like a giant telephone communication network. It transmits electrical messages that directly affect organs, tissues and cells in the body and it can also trigger the release of chemical messages that allow other modes of communication to take place within our physiology. Whether it’s electrical or chemical communications, the nervous system is behind the transmission of these messages and your body cannot be healthy if the nervous system is not functioning properly.

The spinal cord is very well protected by the spinal bones and the brain is protected by the skull. Spinal bones (vertebrae) are moveable structures and they allow us a great deal of flexibility when we are moving about.

Because the spinal bones sit on top of one another, they form a long canal of bones where the spinal cord runs through. The spinal nerves that exit off the spinal cord pass between openings that are made on the sides of the spinal bones. Sometimes spinal bones become misaligned from each other and this causes them to place a slight amount of pressure on the spinal nerves (vertebral subluxations). When this happens, the messages that are being transmitted through the nervous system become distorted and this causes problems to occur in the body’s physiology.

Traditional chiropractors will nudge the misaligned spinal bones back into their proper anatomical positions by making gentle, manual (by hand) adjustments. This is not done to treat specific conditions of sickness or disease, but rather to correct the misaligned (subluxated) spinal bones. The spinal adjustments help to remove nerve interference and this ultimately allows health to be restored in the body naturally. Many conditions of sickness are then reversed by the body’s own inborn recuperative abilities.


One of the most difficult concepts to get across to people is the devastating effects of a vertebral subluxation. I could show you all kinds of diseases and say that subluxations cause those diseases, but that would not be quite honest. That would be like saying that being a “couch potato” and not exercising regularly causes heart disease. Undoubtedly those are factors, but there are other factors also. No one can possibly say what is the major factor or cause. In addition, I do not want to focus on negatives such as individual diseases.

I believe it is important to be proactive and to discuss the importance of getting your spine checked and adjusted on a regular basis in order to maintain your body and thus allowing you to reach your true potential in every aspect of your life. Unfortunately, some people are only motivated by fear; the fear of getting sick, or dying from some horrible disease. So for those people, let’s take a minute to talk about how bad this thing called a vertebral subluxation really is.

When you have a subluxation in your spine your brain messages are interfered with and your body does not receive all of its proper instructions. Your digestive system will not work at its potential. Your body cannot produce the exact quantity and quality of chemicals necessary to digest your food. Your food will not be absorbed into your body as it should because your cells involved with absorption are not working as they should. Your food cannot be broken down properly. Your organs, tissues and cells involved with changing absorbed food into flesh and blood will not work properly. When you are subluxated, your immune system is not working as it should. Your organs and cells responsible for your resistance to viruses and bacteria are working less than their potential. When you are subluxated you cannot think as well, your coordination is lessened, and your energy levels are diminished. A vertebral subluxation literally affects every part of your body, because every part of your body is directly dependent upon receiving instructions from your brain through your nerve system!

Your subluxation affects every part of your body!!! In this day and age when there are so many stresses upon your body (physical, chemical, and mental) you cannot afford to have an improperly functioning nerve system! You cannot be sure about the quality of the water that you drink, or the air that you breathe. You cannot be sure that your body is getting all of the nutrients that it needs from the food that you eat. You cannot help being exposed to microorganisms, many of which are more powerful than ever because of their ability to adapt to our attempts to destroy them. You can do nothing about the genetic weaknesses that you may have inherited. But by keeping your nerve system free of vertebral subluxations, you can be sure that any potential challenges you may be facing will be handled by your body more efficiently.

Remember that Chiropractic Is Not About Your Back, It’s About Your Life!

Mars: Lies, Damned Lies, and More Damned Lies!

By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at

I admit that I am guilty as charged! I have an unusual fascination with the Red planet. Mars has piqued my curiosity for a very long time. As a young person, back in the 70’s, I can remember waiting, patiently, for the first Viking Lander to send back its initial set of photographs from the Martian surface. At the time, I thought the event was one of the coolest things that could ever happen. Here I was, a young boy glued to the idiot box, watching the landscape of a distant and foreign world appear before my eyes on live television. Could it have gotten any better than that?

As it turns out, the answer to that question was a resounding…YES!

Who would have guessed that the government agencies taking the pictures of an alien world would intentionally leave out the best parts – the aliens and their infrastructure? What a bummer. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy looking at thousands of rocks littered across the Martian terrain, and the artificially filtered, red sky that was disingenuously placed in many of the photos to sell the lie that there was no water present on the planet. That stuff was all very exciting, but it could have been a much better educational experience if just a bit more transparency would have been applied to the space expeditions in question.

The lies just keep coming, year after year, about how the Martian surface is a rocky, barren world devoid of any forms of life. Our space agency continues to take thousands of photos, financed by taxpayers’ dollars, and routinely airbrushes the images so that the buildings, waterways, and civilization evidence is nowhere to be seen.

Watching the mainstream news agencies continue to support this ongoing fraud gets a bit nauseating after awhile. The corporately owned news giants that supposedly keep us informed of world events are either the largest enablers in existence or they are completely controlled by the powers that be. I, personally, vote for option number two.

I guess covering up the fact that Mars is inhabited by intelligent beings is considered “good science.” The reason I write this is because anytime someone posts credible evidence demonstrating the contrary, it’s quickly labeled by the mainstream, scientific community as “bad science.” It’s hard for me to imagine that reporting the truth about Mars, and revealing the fact that  incoming photos from our space agency’s deep space probes are being obfuscated, would be considered “bad science.” But apparently this is the case.

While the mainstream, scientific community, through the process known as “good science,” continues to promote the myth that they are still searching for microbial life on the red planet, I’ll be looking at this amazing photograph of a custom built home that was photographed on the Martian landscape by Mars Global Surveyor. I just think “bad science” is so much more interesting.

What the Heck is a Tresantaras?

By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at

One night, not too long ago, I found myself watching the evening news. That was an amazing thing in itself due to the fact that I had not watched the news in several years. I decided, for some reason, to tune into the matrix on this particular night. As I sat there, in front of the propaganda box, I began, subconsciously, tuning out all the negativity that was being reported. Then I began daydreaming about a place where there was no war and peace reigned across the entire planet. After several minutes passed, I was actually able to see, in my mind, this beautiful location where human beings worked together for the greater good of the planet.

Have you ever tried to imagine a world where there was absolutely no killing? Do you think you could visualize such a place in your mind?

As the idiot box, in front of me, kept spewing out the daily prescription of corporately, packaged lies, I kept thinking about what it would actually take for human beings to stop murdering one another and behave like civilized beings.

The network programming was in full stride at this point. The news anchor was knee deep in crime and war. I realized, then and there, humanity was cheating itself and that society had fallen miserably short of its true potential.

In less than ten minutes I had managed to become completely frustrated and stressed out from watching the damn mainstream news. It was at that exact moment when the word first popped into my head.


What was a TRESANTARAS? I kept saying the word over and over again as I attempted to recall what it meant. I could see it as clear as I could see the television.


It sounded so very familiar, yet I was completely clueless as to what it meant.

Then something truly amazing happened. I went to the computer and Googled TRESANTARAS. The search yielded no results! Then onto the word processor and into a Microsoft Word document. One more time: TRESANTARAS. And as I typed the word this time, the most amazing story formed inside my head.


In the year 2019, planet Earth faces a catastrophic event that forever changes the construct of modern society. The world is thrown into chaos and becomes devoid of modern technologies. The United States, Russia, and other super powers, that have traditionally ruled the planet, are quickly reduced in strength and status to that of a third world country.

The population base, reduced to half its original size, is hellbent on not repeating the mistakes of its ancestors as it methodically attempts to rebuild itself from the ground up, using a new system of governmental control that has outlawed the existence of sovereign territories and all acts of war.

As the global community enjoys world peace for the very first time in the planet’s recorded history, human beings are suddenly, and without warning, contacted by an extraterrestrial race of beings called the Tresantarians. The alien civilization has a deep connection to the people of Earth and graciously offers humanity the most amazing gift imaginable. In a flash, mankind is placed in the difficult position of having to choose between an extraterrestrial offering and the prospect of abandoning all forms of organized religion.



A Sad Example of How Human Beings Often Police One Another

By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at

Recently, I had the, unfortunate, opportunity to post comments on one of the many message boards (threads) of a very well known company; a company that sells books and other products. The lesson I learned from my visit to this forum was that the company has a strict policy in place that prohibits self-promotion of any creative works within the various threads found on its website.

When I entered the forum, I did so to learn more about the company’s policy of no self-promotion because I didn’t want to inadvertently break any house rules. As many of you know, I’ve been writing, publishing, and selling books for over a decade. I’d been warned, by several writers, that a small group of posters within the company’s forums routinely policed the message boards and that these individuals would expeditiously report offenders of different policies to the parent company in an effort to get self-promotional comments deleted. I was skeptical about such claims and seriously doubted that people, not employed by the company, were trolling around the threads, on the watch for violators. Boy was I wrong about that one!

Before I entered my first post, I took the time to review prior postings on various threads. One such thread I visited had a theme that addressed posters that were slipping in the fact that they were authors in their comments. The title struck me as being quite odd. When I entered the different chats and began reading comments, it became clear to me that the same names were repeatedly showing up on various threads. These individuals were posting very harsh statements about other posters that had casually mentioned, somewhere in a comment, that they were an author, or something else the group perceived to be a violation of the company’s terms of service rules.

Before I write another word let me first explain that I believe said company has a right to do whatever it wants. If it doesn’t want posters creating comments of a self-promotional nature, I can live with that. I will respect the company’s wishes, and obey the house rules like anyone else. Let me now continue.

When I began posting comments that questioned the need to have a self-imposed police force on the message boards that wasn’t employed by said company, I was swiftly inundated by a barrage of posts that offered explanations about why the group was needed and fully supported by the company. Some of the posts contained polite explanations and others had a much more aggressive flavor to them. When I pushed the issue a bit further and interjected my opinion that the group’s policing activities were not something that people not employed by the company should be taking part in, I received another barrage of posts that told me, in not so very polite terms, what I could do with my opinions.

As our exchange of comments continued throughout the day and into the night, I was insulted, threatened to be placed on a blacklist that would adversely affect my creative works both now and in the future, and I was also threatened by one poster who explained that he was going to report me to the company for being abusive which could, ultimately, lead to my permanent removal from the company’s website. “OUCH.” Keep in mind that I never posted a self-promotional comment on the thread. I was merely questioning why this group, not employed by the company, was acting as a self-imposed police force.

I was very upset after my visit to this forum and it bothered me to know that this type of activity was taking place. I don’t know if what is currently taking place on the company’s threads is supported or endorsed by the parent company. I seriously doubt that it is.

It’s one thing for a company to have a policy that creates a level playing field for all consumers and creative artists. It’s quite another situation when a group of people, not employed by the company, take it upon themselves to police other customers and determine, through their own definitions, what constitutes a breach of the company’s terms of service rules. On top of that, the group, in question, seems to repeatedly bully fellow creative artists by loosely throwing out threats in the form of mean-spirited posts to any individuals that attempt to question the group’s self-imposed authority. Then they post follow-up messages that congratulate one another on how they were able to intimidate a particular customer/author. From perusing many posts, I’ve come to the conclusion that quite a few of the members enjoy making fun of their colleagues.

Some of the comments I received were down right nasty and I found myself, after awhile, in an all out posting war with a lot of different individuals. I tried my best to keep a cool, professional approach when posting my replies. It was difficult to adapt to such a hostile environment. For the most part, I behaved politely considering the circumstances. I was pretty shocked by the sheer numbers of people participating on the threads.

You might ask why I cared so much about a forum on a retailer’s website. Why didn’t I walk away?  The reason I am writing this article is because I believe such behavior is unacceptable and shouldn’t be tolerated by the parent company or its customers. Those customers include creative artists that have published within the company. Said company, currently, has a policy and solid safeguards in place that adequately prevent self-promotional comments from being posted. I believe that said company, and only said company, should detect and determine if a particular post should be removed because a guy or gal slips in the fact they’re an author without listing the name of a publication or a product link. The company even has a convenient link button, on every page, so customers can help point out, to the parent company, abusive comments posted on the website.

New writers often have a minimal degree of confidence to begin with. Any serious writer will tell you that the book writing business is a challenging industry. Why should a group of people, that don’t work for a company, have a regular platform to intimidate and threaten other customers?

On two separate occasions I received cordial responses from forum members that explained the thread was made up of fun loving people that were also authors and they weren’t out to harm anyone. To their credit, they probably do view themselves as being benevolent and not a collective entity that would be injurious to others. The group in question, obviously, believes that they are doing no harm.

I did not encounter harmless behavior. I was most definitely offended by the comments and threats I received. A day after I had made my final post on the thread, the hornet’s nest was still buzzing and they were still insulting me through distasteful and derogatory posts. Keep in mind that these are supposed to be grownups and professional authors.

Very often we see this type of a situation happen in society. People become drunk with power, or in this case the illusory perception of power. Once a group of people have governing power it often seems as if they become corrupted and proceed to abuse the authority they were entrusted with. In this situation the individuals, in question, weren’t handed any governing authority. They imagined it out of thin air!

As a society, we observe similar behavior characteristics in many facets of life and especially within the construct of governments. But even on a much smaller scale, in a retail website featuring a chat room, it is plainly observed. And the people that are creating the abuse are quite oblivious to the damage they are doing to others.

Human beings like to police one another in many different ways. It’s important for readers to understand that there are many sheeple types all too willing to be policed and pushed around. I choose not to be one of them!

2012: If All Hell Breaks Loose – Could You Survive?

By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at

Imagine, for a moment, that all hell breaks loose and you are forced to survive, for several months, without any of the comforts associated with modern technology. Think about how different your life would be without electricity, fresh water, grocery stores, banks, ATM machines, hospitals, prescription drugs, television, computers, and a whole list of other items I’m probably overlooking. Let’s address the large, pink elephant standing in the middle of the room that no one wants to discuss. Most of us Americans would find it extremely difficult to exist, for any significant amount of time, without the modern comforts that are firmly embedded within our culture and a major part of our lives.

The average U.S. citizen has about a 5-7 day’s supply of food stored in a refrigerator. Without electricity, most of that food would spoil in a day or two. It wouldn’t take very long for people to grow hungry and thirsty if their access to food and water was suddenly withdrawn. Upon closer inspection of this situation, it would be fair for me to write that most folks just don’t have the necessary skills to successfully live off the land.

If an incident, causing all hell to break loose, was catastrophic enough that it permanently altered our way of living so that we were prevented from ever having access to modern technology and subsequently forced to function in a new and foreign environment, many of us would, unfortunately, die. Within a relatively short period of time, supermarkets and food stores would be raided and picked to the bone. Gasoline and other fuels would, instantly, become unavailable or, at best, scarce. Whatever gas you had in your car’s tank would probably be the only fuel you’d be able to come by. After that, you would have to pedal a bicycle or walk to get around.

There are too many products and services to count, that we depend upon each and every day, currently available to us through the industrial – retail grid. Living outside that grid is such a tough deal when you have been raised your entire life in a society that is so dependent on various technologies.

The point of this article is to highlight the fact that a large majority of Americans are extremely unprepared to sustain themselves and family members in the event that “something big” happens.

If you are silly enough to believe that natural catastrophes cannot happen on a local, regional or even global level – think again!  The people in Fukushima, Japan were probably not thinking about having to permanently leave their homes several hours before the earthquake and tsunami destroyed their lives.

There has been a steady increase in global earth changes in the past few years. We have all read about the up-tick in major earthquakes, erupting volcanoes, abnormal flooding and animal die-offs. These natural disasters are more prevalent than ever before. The skeptics are always quick to put subjects like 2012 into conventional order telling everybody that life will go on as it always has. And maybe it will!

My feeling on 2012, and anything that might bring catastrophic consequences to our planet, country, or local community, is that it’s always better to be  a little over prepared for “something big” than a little under prepared. My advice to anyone willing to listen is to take the time to get ready for “something really big.” The signs and symptoms coming from the bowels of mother earth are everywhere. I would have at least a six-month supply of food and water to keep every member of my family healthy. A year’s supply would be even better. The more survival supplies you can get your hands on, the better your chances of survival will be. Realistically, it may take several months, or longer, before any form of normalcy returns to society, if it ever returns. Until you are able to produce your own crops and secure regular access to clean drinking water, you will have to rely on prepackaged foods and a lot of stored water.

Of course there are many other considerations to think about when it comes to surviving a catastrophic incident. Food and water are certainly very important, but clothing, shelter, medicines, and first aid supplies shouldn’t be forgotten. In addition to these items, a first-class survival manual is a must have.

If you are like most people I know, you won’t last long if and when all hell breaks loose unless you take the time and effort to prepare in advance. This is your opportunity to organize and get ready for “something really big” that might be coming our way. Use your time wisely; your life might depend on it.