Readers’ Favorite Review of The Target List Novel

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Reviewed by Donna Gielow McFarland for Readers’ Favorite

“The Target List contains nonstop action from the first page to the last. It is a short read and I couldn’t put it down. Dr. Reizer perfectly maintains a high level of suspense throughout the novel and I enjoyed that every time Clyde and Donna think they are finally safe, the reader knows they’re not. The plot is well thought out and at least somewhat plausible, especially for readers who entertain conspiracy theories (people who like conspiracy theories are going to love this book!). But you don’t have to believe in conspiracy theories to enjoy The Target List. This medical thriller is entertaining, compact and well-written. Reizer keeps it relatively clean, so I recommend The Target List for all readers, YA and up, especially those who enjoy a good thriller.”

From the Readers’ Favorite Website:


Lauren A.

The Target List is a really interesting read. Fast paced and lots of suspenseful situations that had me wanting to keep reading more. I would definitely recommend this novel to others.

Heather Lynch

I loved reading The Target List. It pulled me in and didn’t let me go. I honestly didn’t want the story to end, it was that much fun.


I like books like this one because they tell a story and a bit of truth at the same time. I started reading it yesterday and had to go to work. I couldn’t wait to get home and finish it. I wish it would’ve been longer so I could’ve looked forward to reading more tonight.

Kurtis Graham

The Target List by John Reizer is one of the best short novels I’ve ever read. I recommend this book to anyone interested in reading an intense, fast paced thriller.


This book was an exceptional read. I loved it. Thrilling, easy to read and educational, it’s a book I will be rereading again.

Mike Clusserath

This is a very timely book that captures the clear excesses of corporate control of healthcare in the United States. The excellent flow and realistic writing of the author will keep you engaged and attempting to predict the story, but beware of surprises along the way. This is a great book for consumers of mystery and suspense in the high flying world of behemoth health care corporate corruption. Great reading!

Katie Nelson

I read this book, The Target List, about three weeks ago. It was very interesting and quite educational. It’s a pretty short novel, but very well written. The author is an alternative healthcare physician (chiropractor) so he has a good understanding of medical terminology and medical conditions. The story is fast-paced and filled with lots of action. It begins with the invention of an instrument called WAND that somehow cures cancers and other diseases by radio frequencies. The pharmaceutical companies are threatened by the technology and send hired assassins out to destroy the inventors and their technology. This is the type of story that I could see happening in real life and the book, although short, kept me thinking about certain things long after I finished it. I thoroughly enjoyed this book through and through. It’s the kind of story that you’re going to want to read cover to cover in one sitting. I would definitely recommend this book to anybody that wants to read a very interesting medical thriller.

Robert Thomas

Excellent book! I have often thought that drug companies were not interested in curing the different diseases they make money treating. The Target List explores this premise and does so brilliantly. I listened to the audiobook and thoroughly enjoyed the fast-paced, short chapters.

Anna T.

An excellent read that had me questioning everything I have ever been taught about healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry.

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2 thoughts on “Readers’ Favorite Review of The Target List Novel

  1. lhakes12 March 24, 2023 / 7:57 am

    Wow, these are awesome, John! You have so many phenomenonal reviews.
    And I think that not only is the Target List movie going to do great. But I also think that your book sales will sky rocket! 🙂👍


    • NoFakeNews March 24, 2023 / 9:21 am

      Thanks again, Lisa! I hope that this story will continue to be read and watched by a large audience. More importantly, I hope that Target List will make people think about the inappropriateness of the relationship between organized medicine and big pharma. 🙂👍


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