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4 thoughts on “From the lighter side

  1. lhakes12 March 5, 2023 / 12:12 pm

    Daily Beast:
    Marianne Schaefer Trench

    The Cliche’ Is True: You Really Are as Young as You Feel

    “Turns out there’s lots of science to support the idea that age is just a number, but after our 20s, we have more and more trouble reconciling our physical and mental ages.

    Aging as it turns out, is nothing but a cosmic mistake. Why? Because if you feel you are younger than your chronological age, then you actually are. And there’s a flood of new science to prove it.

    One study from University of Virginia states that at least 70 percent of more than 30,000 subjects reported to feel significantly younger than their chronological age – a divergence so drastic that the scientists ‘invoked the red planet’: “Past age 25 or so, subjective aging appears to occur on Mars, where one Earth decade equals only 5.3 Martian years.”

    The discrepancy becomes more pronounced the older we get. We look at our chronological age and know with absolute certainty that we are not there yet. This cosmic wrongness causes ennui every time a birthday comes around. Friends offer platitudes – “Age is just a number” – that turns out to be true. We do suffer from mass delusion. And it happens to be beneficial for us.

    After analyzing the mental and physical health of test subjects who feel younger than their chronological age, scientists are in agreement that our chronological age is irrelevant and our subjective age is what matters. Out subjective age is not how old we wish to be, but how old we feel. It is a multidimensional construct marked by one or more of the following indicators: felt age; biological age (looks and physical health); societal age ( how we act and what we do); and intellectual age (interests and pursuits). Consider yourself lucky if you feel young, look young, participate in youthful activities and have the curiosity of a child- because those are indicators for how old you really are.”

    Well, as a chronological age 60 year old woman I still enjoy going out making snow angels out on my walks along the riverside in one of our parks. And I have lots of pictures to prove it. But if anyone ever caught me in the act they would probably think I was crazy! 😂
    However, I will admit it’s not quite as easy to get off the ground as it once was. But considering that just last summer I had trouble just getting off the couch because I was injured, I am rather proud of myself.
    And I hope that accomplishment knocks off a few years!

    I do believe our sense of humor is an indicator of our true age. And, John, you certainly have that! 🙂


    • Dr. John Reizer March 5, 2023 / 12:18 pm

      Great stuff! I would make a snow angel here, but it’s 70 degrees in South Carolina.🤣 Thanks for sharing, Lisa. 👍

      • lhakes12 March 5, 2023 / 2:21 pm

        The snow is melting in Wisconsin now with a temperature of 45 degrees. But because of the abundance of snow from a recent snowstorm, I do still have traces of one snowangel left in a shaded area.
        Although what I think is real cool is that people tend to always avoid walking through them. Maybe they think that it is bad luck or something! 😂
        And, John, I’d love seeing your snowangel artistry sometime if you ever get any snow in South Carolina! 😄👍


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