Dr. Reizer’s Interview with Gareth Icke on Ickonic.com

I was interviewed on the Ickonic platform on December 14th of last year about my near-death experience, NoFakeNews, and of course, The Target List novel and Target List feature film.

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I am trying to get permission from the platform to share the complete interview here on NoFakeNews.

If you are a subscriber to the Ickonic.com platform, check out the program “Right Now”. The January 6, 2023 episode features our interview.

Ickonic.com is the official platform of David Icke.


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14 thoughts on “Dr. Reizer’s Interview with Gareth Icke on Ickonic.com

  1. lhakes12 January 7, 2023 / 9:13 am

    John, I listened to your interview with Gareth Icke last night on Ickonic.com. I’m on their 7 day free trial now.

    And although Gareth Icke had several interesting guests before yours, there is no doubt that the best was saved for last! 👍

    You articulated your knowledge about the “plandemic” business well. And I could almost feel Gareth Icke wanting to join in with you. He seemed captivated with your words.

    It is so fantastic that he interviewed you. What a great promotion for the Target List! And good for nofakenews as well.

    And, John, interesting that Gareth Icke decided to put your interview with him out on your birthday What a nice gift! 🙂


    • Dr. John Reizer January 7, 2023 / 9:46 am

      Thanks for watching the interview, Lisa. The segment was a terrific opportunity to promote the movie and the NoFakeNews website. I am so grateful to Gareth and the Ickonic platform for letting me connect with their audience. And, yes, it is crazy that the interview aired on my birthday. There are no coincidences in the Earth game! 👍🙂


      • lhakes12 January 7, 2023 / 11:06 am


  2. sandy edwards January 7, 2023 / 11:07 am

    Happy Birthday Dr. Reizer! Hope it was a really good one. Lisa has the right idea about getting the free trial. I may do that too.

  3. sandy edwards January 7, 2023 / 11:11 am

    Off topic: Dr. Reizer and group members this is what I posted on Nextdoor. I am posting here to see if anyone else is having this problem? Thanks for any help.

    My cats have been eating the same dry food for a long time. In the last few weeks I have noticed they don’t want it and won’t eat it. This is my indoor cat and two outdoor strays. The outdoor cats usually gobble up anything. I have checked expiration and smelled when I opened a new bag. I even threw away a bunch of unopened bags and started fresh and the same thing. I got another kind of dry food and the first bag my indoor cat ate but the 2nd bag she wont touch nor outdoor? I don’t know what to do. Wondering if anyone else has noticed a problem with dry cat food. Is it sitting somewhere too long? We know the supply chain has been down so I don’t know? Please help.

    • Dr. John Reizer January 7, 2023 / 11:15 am

      If anyone has ideas and can help Sandy, please reply to this post. 🙂


      • sandy edwards January 7, 2023 / 11:18 am

        Thanks Dr. Reizer. Is your cat eating?

      • Dr. John Reizer January 7, 2023 / 11:50 am

        Yes, they are eating me out of house and home! 🤣


      • sandy edwards January 7, 2023 / 11:52 am

        Do you mine giving me the brand so I can try it. I am at my wits end.

      • Dr. John Reizer January 7, 2023 / 12:35 pm

        Let me ask my daughter when she finishes with work tonight. She is the chief nutritionist in charge of all pets in our house. 🙂


      • Dr. John Reizer January 7, 2023 / 6:20 pm


        The name of the cat food is Orijen.


      • lhakes12 January 7, 2023 / 1:49 pm

        Sandy, I’ve used Earthborn dry and wet cat and dog food for years. My bengal cat has to have the best or he could end up with stomach problems. I order them from chewy.com. They also have many other good brands. Although some are a little pricy. So maybe that is not the route you want to take. But maybe worth looking at the site.

        Otherwise, maybe just waiting for some advice from John’s daughter. Maybe she knows some good store bought brands and maybe a little cheaper.


  4. sandy edwards January 8, 2023 / 8:32 am

    Thanks Dr. Reizer and Lisa for the brand names. i have ordered some things from chewy before but never tried their food. I will check them out today because all three cats will not eat the Rachael Ray this morning??

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