Sudden Adult Death Syndrome


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6 thoughts on “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

  1. lhakes12 December 27, 2022 / 9:11 am

    The Defender
    Children’s Health Defense

    “COVID Vaccines Were a Shot in the Dark and Mortality Statistics Prove It”

    “The risks were not a part of the equation, and let’s be clear, the risk they’re referring to is the risk a person takes when they get the shot.

    Pfizer’s primary focus was to create a shot that minimized the symptoms of infection, but aside from that, there was no time to assess side effects or long-term drawbacks of the technology, such as antibody-dependent enhancement, myocarditis or spontaneous abortions.

    This is probably why Pfizer and the other COVID-19 jab makers all decided to eliminate the control groups long before the studies were even over. This way, side effects could be hidden, and we see the effects of that decision now.

    Myocarditis, blood clots, lethal heart attacks, strokes, cancer and sudden death are all skyrocketing, but since there’s no official control group to compare with, those trends are written off as either normal or coincidental.

    You’ve probably seen that heart attacks are now blamed on everything from hot weather and cold showers to soil microbes in your garden, climate change and loud noises.

    So, a more accurate statement would be that Pfizer did everything “at your risk.” They risk nothing. They get paid whether the shots work or not, and they gave zero liability for injuries or deaths, financial or otherwise. The person who takes all the risk is the one who takes the shot. They could lose their health, their career, everything they own and their very life.”

    And, John, I believe there is no doubt that this was all done intentionally from the get-go as part of the controlling powers diabolical plan to depopulate the world. They knew exactly what they were doing all along. Their aim with the shots are right on target!


    • Dr. John Reizer December 27, 2022 / 9:56 am

      No doubt about the intent to harm the worldwide population, Lisa. Big pharma released products that they manufactured far in advance of the phony pandemic to kill people. The laws were set up to protect the criminals behind the depopulation agenda.


    • Dr. John Reizer December 27, 2022 / 11:32 am

      Thanks for sharing, Sandy! 🙂
      This guy, along with many other people, belongs in jail!

    • lhakes12 December 27, 2022 / 12:28 pm

      In the video it sounds like the language Bill Gates is speaking is Mumbo Jumbo! But the most interesting part is how the cat gets his tongue!


  2. Kenneth T. December 27, 2022 / 6:01 pm

    We are supposed to be ‘dumbed down’ from medications and should be compliant.
    We are not supposed to be making the connection.
    The jokes on them – we know AND are telling others.


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