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The only way I can continue to become a better writer is to get critical feedback from readers.

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If you have read my latest novella, The Blue Marble, please leave me an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads. If you don’t have accounts on either of those platforms, please send me your review directly here!

I greatly appreciate it when people purchase the ebook on Amazon for $0.99 because it helps to strengthen incoming book reviews.

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New Science Fiction by John Reizer

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“They found more than just rocks on the moon!”

A Novella By John Reizer

Honest Reviews are Appreciated!

Amazon Reviews:

“This book is intriguing, imaginative, and inventive.” — Edward Shafer

“The overarching mystery drives the plot and kept my attention throughout.” — Matthew Lucas

“It will leave you pondering your reality and asking questions.” — Anne

“The premise is actually somewhat compelling…” — Justin & Michelle

“…the story is fun, and exciting…” — Noah DeBiase

NoFakeNews Reader Reviews:

“I honestly couldn’t put it down!” — Jill Rogers

“It makes you question whether anything we know is real.” — Robert Griffin

“The Blue Marble is a real page-turner!” — Kendra Davis


“Curing cancer was their first mistake!”

Coming in 2023