Stop worrying about being labeled as anti-somethings!

Dr. John Reizer

As individual members of society, we are all being attacked on different levels through the use of many technologies. A world government exists and continues to wage a deadly and well-calculated war against humanity.

To understand the extent of the machinations taking place behind the scenes of the Earth game, it’s necessary to dig deep and remove some heavy rocks. Then we must look inside dark caverns where the ruling elites operate and conduct their dirty dealings.

The one percent of avatars who control the game, and greatly influence the other ninety-nine percent of avatars are comprised of different nationalities, religions, and skin colors. I think you get the idea.

Spoiler Alert!

Bad people exist in the world and are doing bad things! Some of the bad people are men, women, Christians, Jews, Muslims, blacks, whites, heterosexuals, homosexuals, and bisexuals. I think you understand my point.

If you begin digging deep enough into the subject of characters running the world, you will undoubtedly begin to offend someone at some point. It is going to happen. Get over it and stop worrying about being labeled as anti-somethings!

If you dare to dig deep enough and reveal the identities of individuals involved in crimes against humanity, you will eventually be attacked by the mainstream and referred to as a hater.

Be it a black-hater, Christian-hater, Jew-hater, man-hater, Muslim-hater, white-hater, or woman-hater, it doesn’t matter. The point is that stereotyping people in society as haters against individuals and organizations involved with nefarious agendas is a brilliantly calculated strategy of insulating the elites from those researchers and investigators attempting to shine a light on cockroaches scurrying in the shadows.

Remember, if you want to get to the bottom of all the corruption going on worldwide, you can not be afraid to be labeled as anti-something!


Inventing a cure for cancer was their first mistake!”

Coming in 2023

2 thoughts on “Stop worrying about being labeled as anti-somethings!

  1. lhakes12 September 5, 2022 / 4:51 pm

    Sadly, divide and conquer tends to be the scheme of things if you let it be.
    Although we all have the right to voice our opinions, and search those dark caverns.


    • Dr. John Reizer September 5, 2022 / 1:08 pm

      Thanks for sharing, Lisa! 👍🙂

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